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Soccer Star on the Rise: Cameron Smalls

Cameron Smalls walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in May of 2016 with goals of improving his speed, power, and agility. Cameron is a 10-year old multi-sport athlete, who plays soccer, baseball and basketball. His long-term aspirations are to play soccer or baseball in high school, college, and eventually professionally.fullsizerender-24

In just over 2 months of training, Cameron showed a 119% increase in his total athleticism. Cameron showed his biggest improvements in his agility, strength and speed. He lowered all three of his agility scores by 4 seconds. Cameron improved his linear agility from 15.39s to 10.69s and his lateral agility from 16.70 to 11.64, however his biggest improvement was shown in his single leg agility on his SST (shark skill test) by reducing his time from 12.59s to 7.88s! Single leg agility is crucial to soccer athletes as many technical aspects such as passing, trapping, dribbling, and shooting require one foot to be elevated off the ground while the other leg stabilizes the body.

cameron-smallsCameron also made huge strides in his strength as he improved his push up score from 45 to 51 repetitions in a minute and his pull up score from 4 to 7 repetitions! Cameron showed his biggest improvements in his core strength as he increase his plank hold time from 2:27 minutes to 4 minutes! Core strength is essential in soccer and other sports that require athletes to body up against opponents without losing their balance and center of mass.

All soccer athletes know how important speed is out on the field and it can be the difference between betting your opponent to the ball or gaining an extra step to be able to get off a shot on goal. Cameron improved his acceleration in his 10-yard sprint from 2.06s to 1.83s. He also showed improvements in his change of direction as he lowered his 5-10-5 test from 6.07s to 5.46s!

Cameron has recently joined the FC Premier club soccer team , where he plays for Coach Eddie Chavez’s 2005 flight 2 team. Cameron is a 2006 year birthday so he regularly plays against other soccer players who are a year older than he is to challenge him. At Champion’s QUEST, Cameron attends the B.A.S.E and Soccer clinics to develop his athleticism and skills out on the soccer field to compete against the older kids.

Keep up the hard work Cameron and I’m excited to watch your continued success!

Kyle Ertel Champions Quest

Success Story: Athena Sandoval

athenasurfcuprunnerupOctober 1st, 2015, Athena Sandoval, a Freshman at Los Alamitos High School decided to take her soccer career into her own hands here at Champion’s QUEST. Literally, Athena jumped up and touched her hand 99 inches above the ground to record a Vertical Jump of 16.50 inches.

The vertical jump was just the first of 10 athletic tests that Athena completed in her initial evaluation. 

Fast forward to this past summer, Athena now has a vertical jump of 21 inches, an increase of 4.50 inches in 9 months. From the image below, you can see Athena improved in every aspect of her athleticism and has become a stronger, faster, quicker, and smarter soccer player.

athena-sandoval-cqWith all the work completed on and off the field, big rewards came for Athena this summer as she made the Flight 1 CDA Slammers Cerritos ’01 EGSL team (Coach Randi Martinez.) Not only did Athena make a competitive Flight 1 team, she also started as an outside defender and played in front of college soccer coaches at the nationally acclaimed soccer tournament: Surf Cup in Oceanside, CA. Athena helped her team reach the finals and take home second place at Surf Cup. Athena’s soccer team also WON the Pleasanton showcase and took runner-up at the West Coast soccer showcase.

It’s no doubt that Athena’s dedication to her physical and mental abilities has led to her success on the soccer field.

Athena’s confidence continues to rise each game and allows her to showcase her increase in speed, quickness, and total body strength. Athena increased her speed in her 10 yard sprint by 3 tenths, making her faster to help in the attack on the wings and able to sprint back on defense. Athena’s lateral cutting agility increased her speed by over 3 seconds and has allowed her to cut quicker when a forward is attempting to challenge her. Athena also increased her plank to over a 3-minute hold and improved her total athleticism by 240%

Athena is now ready to start knocking on college doors and telling college soccer coaches that she is ready to take her game to the next level in college and she is serious about making a difference in their soccer program. 

Congrats Athena on your recent success this summer in soccer. We are all so excited to see which college flag will hang in the gym with Athena’s name on it in 2019.


Success Story: Billy Poe: “ An Athlete with a Heart”


Billy has attended Champion’s Quest for over the last 6 months and his development has been fantastic. Billy, has achieved is a better athlete, a better student and is upholding the true meaning of a champion on and off the field. But what makes Billy truly unique is his innate sincerity towards others.





Billy is the most polite, appreciative and thoughtful athlete that I have ever coached. For example, he always greets me with a smile, a high five and ends every private session no matter how difficult, with a simple,yet powerful statement, THANK YOU COACH REGGIE. Billy attends St. Hedwig’s where he is on the student council, plays baseball and recently made the football team for the upcoming season.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.36.45 PM

Billy is an outstanding student, loves helping others and excels in mathematics. This type of commitment allows Billy to have fun, relax and that ’s where his athleticism begins to shine.  For example, Billy’s athleticism  has improved  leaps and bounds.  His performance is now a whopping + 297% since he began at Champion’s Quest. This is the result of commitment, hard work and focusing on getting better each and everyday.

Keep Making it happen Billy Poe!!!

Coach Reggie Ward

Assistant Athletic Director




300+ % Improvement! -Brandon Tuck

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” -Tim NotkeBrandon Tuck

Brandon Tuck walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in March of 2016 with short-term goals of developing his upper body and core strength, while improving his running mechanics. Brandon’s long-term goals are to play on the Varsity team at Milikan High School, make the LA Galaxy Academy and one day play soccer professionally.LA galaxy

Brandon currently plays for LA Galaxy’s U-12 pre-academy team coached by Kevin Gallagher. To improve his athleticism on the field, Brandon has been attending the Speed and Strength clinics at Champion’s QUEST. In less than 4 months of training, Brandon has made a 363% improvement in his athleticism!

Brandon T

Keep up all the hard work Brandon! Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on Katella.


About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, MS CSCS USA-W USSF

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com       562-598-2600

Summer of Soccer Success: TFA Girls ’05

The true measure of a team comes from their character on and off the field, how they deal with adversity, and their ability to come together as a unified group. The improvement and quality of play should always come first before win/loss records and this is something that Frank Lopez, coach of the Total Football Academy S.E. LA ’05 girls team, often stresses with his squad. However, not only has the level of play improved for the TFA girls, but the results have been seen in their success on the field.IMG_0420

The U-11 TFA girls team have played in 6 tournaments so far this year, finishing in 1st place in 5 of them.  Tournaments won include the Southwest Soccer Club Elite Summer Classic in Temecula, the Nike Pyramid Cup in South Bay, YVYSO Spartan Cup in Yucaipa, CSL Cal Cup and Celtic Cup in San Bernardino. They were also finalists in the Cerritos Memorial Cup, the only tournament they didn’t win.

IMG_0066.JPGThe U-11 TFA  girls have also been recognized nationally for their success on the pitch. They are currently ranked 8th in Cal South and 133th nationally among club teams in their age group. Three athletes from the ’05 TFA S.E. LA team currently train at Champion’s QUEST on a weekly basis and have made significant improvements in their athleticism and technical ability. These athletes are Sherry Diep, Vivian Lopez, and Kristin Mijares.

Keep up all the hard work girls and I’m looking forward to many more championships!


About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com       562-598-2600

Success Story – Aniyah League: A Threat in Soccer and Track & Field

Many young soccer players look for a second sport to compete in that will compliment their training for soccer. Often, athletes feel that cross-country would increase their cardio for soccer. Cross country will in fact help soccer players increase their endurance for 3-5 mile runs.

If a soccer player is looking to increase their sprint endurance, then track and field is a perfect compliment.

Aniyah League TrackOne of our younger athletes, 11 year-old Aniyah League, is doing just that: Competing at an elite level in TRACK and also in SOCCER. Aniyah and her teammates on her CDA Slammers soccer team recently competed in Dallas, Texas at the Premier Supercopa Soccer Tournament. Aniyah helped lead her team with 6 goals to the Championship game and ultimately winning the tournament, playing both outside defender and striker.

On top of training each week at Champion’s QUEST, Aniyah has also been running for Push Track club. This past weekend, Aniyah competed in the AAU Track & Field Championships for Region 23 and earned herself a spot to the Junior Olympics this Summer in Houston, Texas.Aniyah League Soccer

Aniyah qualified for the Track & Field Junior Olympics in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and Long Jump.
This Triple Threat is growing taller and growing faster each week as she pushes herself mentally and physically. The sky is the limit for this current Champion and we are all very excited to see what else she will accomplish this summer.

Great Job Aniyah, your hard work is paying off and you will continue to reap the benefits of your dedication! -Coach Brittany

About the Author:

Brittany Gonzales

Brittany Gonzales, Director of Soccer Academy

BrittanyG@ChampionsQUEST.com 562-598-2600

Succes Story: Adam Masura-” A Champion in the Making”



Adam has been coming to Champion’s Quest for over 5 months and he is building a strong foundation on becoming a champion. He is a 12 year old football player who is humble, smart and works very hard in his team training sessions and performance clinics.  Adam transfers these champion qualities to the classroom,where he is an excellent student. Adam receives an impressive 4.0 GPA in all classes at McAullife  Middle School in Los Alamitos.  Adam continues to display his versatility in other sports as well.  He plays hockey and he has been recognized as a USA Conference Junior Football All-American.  As you can see, Adam is well on his way to being a champion on and off the field.  Congratulations Adam and continue your quest on being the best!!!


“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward

Assistant Athletic Director

Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy





Success Story: Gavin Gildart

Huge congratulations to Gavin Gildart for the success he has seen in his first quarter of work here at Champion’s QUEST. Gavin is one of our baseball athletes, and he is certainly making a strong impression on all of our coaches. In his first quarter, he already managed to iScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.33.38 PMncrease his athleticism by over 100%! He originally tested at 5.0 on our scale, and has now achieved a score of 12.2! With this incredible spike in athleticism, he has seen his vertical jump increase by an astonishing 4 inches, he has shaved .3 seconds off of his 10 yard dash, and increased his strength and agility measures across the board.

This kind of improvement does not come easily, and Gavin has proven to be a consistent, tenacious, and diligent worker. Gavin exemplifies what can happen with the right direction, attitude, and work ethic. I look forward to continuing to watch Gavin develop both athletically and as a ball player!

Kyle Richter, CSCS USAW, TPI

USC Baseball Alumni, BA Human Performance

Soccer Success Story: Jordan Serrano

In December of 2014, Jordan Serrano made the decision to become an even better soccer player by walkinChampionsQuestBeachFC.jpgg through the doors of Champion’s QUEST. At the age of 11 Jordan obtained goals to get stronger, faster, and enhance her soccer skills. 

Jordan has made significant improvements  in her athleticism and has increased her athlete score by 305%!

In order to obtain her goals, Jordan attends the strength and speed clinics for her age group. Jordan Serrano ImprovementJordan also is at Champion’s QUEST after school. Jordan always drops in the office with a smile to give an update on what she is doing and then heads into the gym to get her workout in. She comes in after school to work on her soccer skills and to utilize the myCQ app, a downloaded phone app that athletes use at Champion’s QUEST to workout in the gym or anywhere to gain that extra edge.

Jordan’s dedication to training  has been acknowledged through the recent making of the Beach FC ’03 club team.

Jordan is continuing to grow mentally and athletically to become the best soccer player she can be. Jordan is beginning to demonstrate more leadership in the gym and this leadership role has transitioned from the gym to home with the new addition of her little sister, Rowan. 

We are proud of you Jordan! Keep up all the hard work and we are excited to see what else is in store for you this year!

Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on KatellaLosAlamitosPlayItAgainSportsCoach Angela


Contact Coach Angela Garcia to do a speed clinic or for soccer specific speed training

Soccer@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600


Soccer Success Story: Dean Robertson

Dean Robertson walked in the door of Champion’s QUEST back in December of 2015 wanting to increase his speed and agility. Dean currently plays midfield on the frosh/soph soccer team at Milikan High School and also plays club soccer for Beach FC.Dean Robertson

Dean often comes into Champion’s QUEST after his soccer practices to attend the Speed, Strength, and Flexibility clinics.

He has made a significant improvement in his athleticism and increased his athlete score by 175% in just 1 month!Dean Robertson Success Chart

Dean made a big stride in improving his speed and Dean decreased all of his speed and agility scores, while also improving his upper body and core strength.

Dean’s long-term goals are to make the Varsity soccer team at Milikan High School and earn a college scholarship. Keep up all the hard work Dean. We’re looking forward to you doing amazing things in 2016!

Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on KatellaLosAlamitosPlayItAgainSports

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W

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