Success Story: Gavin Gildart

Huge congratulations to Gavin Gildart for the success he has seen in his first quarter of work here at Champion’s QUEST. Gavin is one of our baseball athletes, and he is certainly making a strong impression on all of our coaches. In his first quarter, he already managed to iScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.33.38 PMncrease his athleticism by over 100%! He originally tested at 5.0 on our scale, and has now achieved a score of 12.2! With this incredible spike in athleticism, he has seen his vertical jump increase by an astonishing 4 inches, he has shaved .3 seconds off of his 10 yard dash, and increased his strength and agility measures across the board.

This kind of improvement does not come easily, and Gavin has proven to be a consistent, tenacious, and diligent worker. Gavin exemplifies what can happen with the right direction, attitude, and work ethic. I look forward to continuing to watch Gavin develop both athletically and as a ball player!

Kyle Richter, CSCS USAW, TPI

USC Baseball Alumni, BA Human Performance


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