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“The Athlete’s Law of Appreciation”

new-way-of-thinkingWhy is the law of appreciation important for today’s athlete?

It is important to today’s athlete because it is a constant reminder of balance, perspective and how valuable opportunities are during competition. In the world’s largest online dictionary—Wikipedia states the meaning of The Law of Appreciation below:

“The Law of Appreciation is yet another New Age so-called “natural law” that basically states “What you appreciate gets bigger, what you don’t appreciate gets smaller. Appreciation builds, evolves and creates harmony. Lack of appreciation motivates self consciousness, self depreciation and self destruction. There is nothing to change, only something to appreciate. You cannot change, you can only appreciate yourself as you are. Appreciation is an attractive force, depreciation is a repulsive force.”[1] In other words, if you appreciate something, you get more of it.[2]”

Now let’s take a closer look at “The Law of Appreciation” through the eyes of an athlete.

A    Approachable Personality
P    Powerful Behavior—“Actions speak louder than words”
P    Purpose Driven—Knowing why athletics are important
R    Respect yourself,the game and others
E    Excellence—Essential to achieve Success
C    Calm Confidence—Internal Belief
I     Inspired Life-style—Be a role model to others
A   Accepting of challenges and role on & off the field
T   Thankfulness filled with gratitude
I    Inviting/open to critical teaching and correction
O  Optimistic Viewpoint —always looking at life in a positive manner
N  Never-ending quest to pursue dreams and goals

Each athlete must remind themselves of these unique qualities to be more than an athlete, but a better human being and by doing this, they can be greater than they could have ever imagined.  Therefore, young athletes, embrace “The Law of Appreciation”and remember, the more you appreciate, the  more life will offer you on and off the field!!appreciationquote

“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward

Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy

Assistant Athletic Director




Soccer Success Story: Jordan Serrano

In December of 2014, Jordan Serrano made the decision to become an even better soccer player by walkinChampionsQuestBeachFC.jpgg through the doors of Champion’s QUEST. At the age of 11 Jordan obtained goals to get stronger, faster, and enhance her soccer skills. 

Jordan has made significant improvements  in her athleticism and has increased her athlete score by 305%!

In order to obtain her goals, Jordan attends the strength and speed clinics for her age group. Jordan Serrano ImprovementJordan also is at Champion’s QUEST after school. Jordan always drops in the office with a smile to give an update on what she is doing and then heads into the gym to get her workout in. She comes in after school to work on her soccer skills and to utilize the myCQ app, a downloaded phone app that athletes use at Champion’s QUEST to workout in the gym or anywhere to gain that extra edge.

Jordan’s dedication to training  has been acknowledged through the recent making of the Beach FC ’03 club team.

Jordan is continuing to grow mentally and athletically to become the best soccer player she can be. Jordan is beginning to demonstrate more leadership in the gym and this leadership role has transitioned from the gym to home with the new addition of her little sister, Rowan. 

We are proud of you Jordan! Keep up all the hard work and we are excited to see what else is in store for you this year!

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Contact Coach Angela Garcia to do a speed clinic or for soccer specific speed training

Soccer@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600


3 Specific Needs for Speed: Part 2-Maximal Velocity

Last month ACCELERATION was discussed. This month the second component of speed is: MAXIMAL VELOCITY. Maximal velocity is the fastest speed a soccer player can achieve. Soccer players can obtain their top speed at approximately 20-30 yards. Maximal speed training assists in the overall athletic development of a soccer player’s speed and prepares soccer players for scenarios in which they are able to attain near-maximal velocity.


Champion’s QUEST athlete Maddy Deal sprinting for the ball.


Three mechanics to focus on for maximal velocity for soccer players are:
1. Pelvic posture
2. Proper arm movement
3. Dorsi-flexion

A soccer player must learn to sprint with a neutral to slight posterior pelvic tilt to allow for a balance in the front and back of the body to minimize braking forces.

Pelvic posture is bringing the “hips up” or “tucked hips” under the body so the glutes are not out when sprinting.

The foundation of running and the power source of the body is the core. Proper position of the core will allow for the correct pelvic posture to allow for a better transfer of energy while sprinting.

Soccer Speed

Champion’s QUEST alumni Mikaela Malsy in action.

The biggest running form error in soccer players is poor arm technique.

There is a lack of range of motion and lateral movement of the arms. Proper arm technique is swinging from the shoulder with the elbow joint locked at 90 degrees. Having a proper arm technique will help propel the body forward in a fluid motion.

Dorsi-flexion of the foot is pulling your toes up toward your shin.

By keeping a soccer player’s foot in this position, it minimizes the time the foot stays on the ground. The dorsi-flexion allows for more force production and transition into the next step to propel the body forward. In the Champion’s QUEST speed clinics, the program is dedicated to increasing Speed in Acceleration, Maximal Velocity, and Speed Endurance.

Check back next month for Part 3: Speed Endurance

Coach Angela


Contact Coach Angela Garcia to do a speed clinic or for soccer specific speed training

Soccer@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600

Soccer Parent Testimonial: Kevin Zelaya

Well Kyle where can I start? I have seen such a big change in Kevin. He’s been motivated about his exercising and also his eating habits have changed. Kevin stopped eating junk food and sugary snacks. He doesn’t drink soda, just water.  He’s also more confident and secure about himself. I had a parent conference on Thursday and all his teachers say he’s an excellent student. I’m very glad we found out about your program.” -Karla Zelaya

100008730_largeKevin has been making Champion’s QUEST his home for training since July 2015. Since then, Kevin has made significant improvements in his athleticism and increased his overall athlete score by 59%. Kevin has been attending the Strength and Champion’s Challenge clinics in addition to coming in on his own to workout using the myCQ App, Champion’s QUEST own App that athletes download on their phone to take their workouts anywhere – at the soccer field, in their garage, in their living room, or working out with their parents and friends.

Keep up all the hard work Kevin!Kyle CQ pic (1)

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600

“A Tribute to the Champion’s Quest Family”

Many times we look for success in ourselves, but in most cases we should appreciate those who make it possible for us to achieve success. The family is the foundation of every athletes’ success and all athletes should embrace the essence of F.A.M.I.L.Y. Therefore, I want to recognize all of our Champion Quest Families for their unparalled commitment to excellence. I would like to personally thank the Wilkins and Caracoza family for their support.

These families are devoted to their children,committed to their success and are always appreciative of the efforts of myself and the entire Champion’s Quest staff. These values are seen in the results of their children. Both Chris and Ryan attend classes regularly and have achieved over +200% growth on their performance scores after only 10 weeks. Now, let’s take a closer look at the true meaning of F.A.M.I.L.Y and how it builds the Champion on and off the field.

The “F” stands for Faithful because the family instills hope and belief through spending time with their children. For example, I would like to recognize the Mom’s who do a masterful job in balancing family,sports,school and social life. I have seen Mom’s do wonders with time while at Champion’s Quest.

The “A” stands for Attentive because the family is always taking care of their children’s needs at games,being a coach or even being in charge of the school bake sale to raise money for the children. For example,scheduling piano lesssons,driving to soccer practices,making dinner for three chlidren,getting homework done and yes,making sure our Champion Quest athletes make it to their 5:00pm Speed Clinic -“ Wow, and that is all in 1-day”

The “M” stands for Memories because these are created at a very young age at sporting events,taking team photos,videos,birthdays between practices and holidays. The “I” stands for Inspiration because all athletes need a push,a kind word and encouragement to succeed,especially during tough times. This may very well come from a Grandmother, a Sister, a Brother or even the Aunt that shows up to games every Saturday to cheer the athlete on to victory.

The” L” stands for Love because every family shows this in their own unique way. For example,this may be expressed by a smile,a hug,a look or even a gesture by a family member. Love is an athletes most powerful tool in succeeding in the sporting arena and in life. It simply keeps them moving toward their goals,dreams and desires in life. The “Y” stands for You because ultimately it is up to the athlete to embrace the teachings of the F.A.M.I.L.Y, combine them with the Champion’s Quest training and thus, become the athlete they want to become.

This is a written testimony to say thank you to all of the past and present Champion’s Quest families. Our families are so devoted, so committed and most importantly, embody the true meaning of F.A.M.I.L.Y. As a result, there is no question that the Champion’s Quest families are the true foundation of success of our athletes !!!

“Keep Living Like Champions”

Coach Reggie Ward

“The Success of Matt Brines”:The Making of A Champion

Matt Brines is 14 years old and is very talented in multiple sports. Currently,he is focusing on football and is excelling in all 3 phases of development: mental, physical and technical. Matt has been a Champion’s Quest athlete for 10 short weeks and he is making unprecedented strides on being the best athlete he can be. Matt has shown tremendous advancement in his over-all athleticisim, quickness and most importanly, confidence. He has embraced the challenge of being the best through his hard work, consistency and most noticeably his dedication in training. As a result, Matt improved in all 10 base performance measurements and his scores are outstanding: +230 percent in only 10 weeks!!!!

I attribute Matt’s success to 3 things: 1)the support of his family; 2) the consistency to train in the Champions Quest system and lastly, 3) his unyielding commitment to train at home on his personal time. Matt understands that it takes hard work,dedication and the mindset to simply do more to acheive excellence. I am confident that Matt dedicates additional time to master his craft as a football player. For example, doing extra push-ups to get stronger, doing extra sit-ups to improve his core and catching extra footballs to improve his hand-eye coordination. I wish Matt’ success and continued excellence in his quest to become a champion!!!

Matt keep working hard, staying consistent and congratulations on committing to “Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward

Champions Quest Soccer Academy Success Story: Nicholas Sparks. Coach Joe Polifroni, B.S. Kinesiology

Nicholas Sparks is a 12 year old soccer player here at Champions Quest. At the moment, he is at an All-American level and is not far away from moving into the Champions Quest Olympic level.  He currently plays for Rush Soccer club in Orange County. Not only he is the team captain for his club, he led the team in assists for their entire 2014 season. Normally he plays right or left midfield. Nicholas has amazing speed and has been improving tremendously on his dribbling and passing skills. All of his dedication and hard work translates to becoming a better soccer player.

Nicholas is a very dedicated young athlete who commits to working out at Champions Quest 4-5 hours a week. Over the past two quarters, we have been focusing on improving his overall athletic performance. He has seen remarkable improvements in his power, speed, agility, and strength.


The power in his lower body has increased and Nicholas now has a vertical jump of 23.5 inches, reaching over 104.5 inches. For a while, he had been struggling with a plataeu in his strength for a few months. By increasing the intensity of his program and staying dedicated to the workouts, Nicholas now can complete 57 push ups in one minute and can hold a plank for over 4 minutes. He made a 24% improvement on his total athletic scoring!

Nicholas has such a positive attitude towards his program and is always willing to push himself harder during each workout. His results will continue to get better and he will have the potential to be a great soccer player in high school and college!

To get results like Nicholas, come try out a FREE clinic and join our academy!