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Soccer Game Changer: Thomas Pighin

At Champion’s QUEST, we are always excited to hear from our parents about how much their athlete has improved and the changes that they have seen in their athlete since beginning their journey at the Athlete Academy. Sometimes the improvements are physical, other times the changes are mental but it is always amazing to hear when it is both.

thomas-pighin“I’ve seen Thomas become a more confident and competent soccer player. He only played one season when he was six and some loosely organized play at school. He wanted to try something other than baseball so we set him up with the CQ Soccer camp and a Coerver camp to help him at least have some soccer skills. I’m very happy with the conditioning Thomas is getting at CQ. His endurance has really increased and this is very important on the bigger soccer field. He has improved his speed, which had always been an issue for him. At school they are preparing for fitness testing and Thomas is well above most other kids. In fact he and Cameron (another CQ athlete) kinda leave the others behind.” -Chris Pighin

When Thomas comes to train at Champion’s QUEST, he attends the B.A.S.E, Soccer, and Baseball clinics to develop his athleticism along with the technical skills needed to excel in his games. Currently, Thomas plays forward, defender and goalkeeper for his AYSO-Cypress team. Thomas has short-term goals of improving his speed, strength and dribbling for soccer and a long-term goal of playing soccer professionally.

“He’s doing well so far with his team. Thomas has to play up because his birthday is three days before the cutoff so his friends are all U10 and he’s a U12. He’s hanging in there playing multiple positions, including goalie and forward and even scored the tying goal in a game. We will transition to baseball soon. One of the things I love about CQ is that he can get quality instruction in a variety of sports- along with conditioning. He’s excited to his re-testing this week and can’t stop talking about improving his scores!” -Chris Pighin

I’m also excited to see how much Thomas’ hard work has paid off and also to continue to follow his success on the soccer and baseball field. Keep it up Thomas!

Kyle Ertel Champions Quest

Confidence is Key: Isabel Pixa

Isabel Pixa walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in May of 2016 with goals of improving her speed, strength, and ball skills so that she could do her best for her Los Al High School soccer tryouts. Her long-term goals are to be a starter on the Los Al High School team and also to attend Stanford University.isabel

In just over 2 months of training at Champion’s QUEST, Isabel improved her total athleticism by 71%. Isabel showed her biggest improvements in her speed, agility, and strength. She lowered her 10-yard sprint time from 1.94s to 1.82s and also improved all of her agility scores by over a second! However, Isabel made her biggest strides in her strength by upping her push up score from 28 to 46 repetitions in a minute and improved her plank hold time by a minute!isabel-pixa-success

“Isabel’s fitness level has increased since beginning training at Champion’s QUEST. Isabel was already fit but has now taken it to another level. But the biggest change has been seen in her confidence. Isabel has increased her confidence on the field and this has also carried over to her high school where she has just started as a freshman at Los Al High School. Isabel also enjoys training with her younger brother and they like to challenge themselves to core strength competitions.” -Cecilia Pixa

Isabel recently joined a CDA Slammers FC club team coached by Krissy Grana to keep improving her level of play. She currently plays right midfield and forward for her club team where they won their opening game of league play this past weekend by a score of 4-0. Also, Isabel was also recently named to the Frosh/Soph team at Los Al High School!

Keep up all the hard work Isabel and I’m excited to watch your continued success on and off the soccer field.

Kyle Ertel Champions Quest

Soccer Success Story: Vivian Lopez

Vivian Lopez walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in July of 2015 looking to increase her strength on the soccer field, as well as her technical ball skills. Vivian’s long-term goal is to play soccer professionally. fullsizerender-26

Currently, Vivian plays center midfield for her club soccer team TFA-S.E.L.A ’05, coached by Frank Lopez. Vivian and her team recently competed in the Southwest Soccer Club Labor Day Classic tournament this past weekend. Her team went undefeated, totaling 14 goals scored and conceding none, on their way to winning the championship.

Other tournaments that Vivian’s TFA team have won this summer include the Southwest Soccer Club Summer Classic in Temecula, the Nike Pyramid Cup in South Bay, YVYSO Spartan Cup in Yucaipa, CSL Cal Cup and Celtic Cup in San Bernardino.img_0414

At Champion’s QUEST, Vivian attends Speed and Strength clinics to develop her athleticism on the soccer field to complement her technical skills. In just over a year of training, Vivian has shown progress across the board in her athleticism. She improved her power by increasing her standing vertical jump from 14 to 17 inches. Vivian also made significant strides in her speed by lowering her 10-yard sprint time from 2.28s to 1.87s and her 5-10-5 change of direction times by over a second.

However, Vivian showed her biggest improvements in her total body strength. She increased her push up score from 5 to 40 repetitions (1 minute limit) and her plank hold time by 3 minutes! In total, Vivian has improved her athleticism by over 380% since beginning training at Champion’s QUEST.

Keep up all the hard work Vivian! I’m excited to hear of your continued success on and off the soccer field this year. Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on Katella. Click below to try out on of our athletic performance clinics!

Kyle Ertel Champions Quest

Soccer Success Story: Anika Piburn

anika-piburn-champions-quest For the past year, Anika Piburn has been preparing for the Los Alamitos high school soccer try-outs and to be the BEST soccer player she can be… well, Anika has done just that. 

Growing up in So Cal competitive soccer, high school soccer has become quite competitive and more often, middle school soccer players are starting to prepare for those try-outs before they reach high school. With the increase in youth soccer players playing club soccer, high school soccer programs have had to create an extensive try-out period for incoming freshman athletes. Anika, like all 8th grade female soccer players wanted to give the try-outs her best effort. In order to do that, Anika knew she knew to put in the extra work outside of her soccer practices and games. Over the last year, Anika has been training in increasing her speed, strength, power, agility, and mental toughness.

Not only did Anika make the Junior Varsity soccer team as a Freshman for Los Alamitos high school, she also helped her club team, CDA Slammers 2001,  win the title of Davis Cup Champions!

Anika Piburn
when Anika came to Champion’s QUEST in 2015, her long-term Goals were the following (August 2015):

  1. “Be able to do pull-ups”
  2. “Increased upper body strength”
  3. “Quicker change of direction”
  4. “More power in taking off in sprints”
  5. “Stronger on the ball”

As you look at the image with Anika’s statistics from the past year, you will see that Anika did in fact, accomplish her long-term goals. Anika’s commitment to attaining her goals has made her a leader at Champion’s QUEST with her peers. It is going to be an exciting year watching Anika use her athletic growth in this upcoming Fall club season for her CDA Slammers team followed by her first high school season at Los Alamitos high school.

Congrats Anika on a year of accomplishment, let’s continue the success! – Coach Brittany



Soccer Parent Testimonial: Terrones Family

Troy Terrones stepped into Champion’s QUEST back in November of 2015 with short-terms goals of improving his strength and speed to become the best athlete possible. Troy’s long-term goals are to play soccer in college and one day professionally.

Troy currently plays club soccer for West Coast U-14 team coached by Erik Kirsch. He primarily plays as a winger or striker and recently competed in the San Diego Surf Cup tournament, where his team made it to the quarterfinals.IMG_0810

“We’ve seen a mindset change in Troy since attending Champion’s QUEST. He seems more focused about his training. Randomly Troy will be motivated to do push ups and other workouts on his own at home. Also, his nutrition has been much better and he sees the importance of eating healthy. Troy asks for protein after tough workouts or games. He is more in-tune with his body and realizes that this is all working to make him better.” -Tom and Maria Terrones

At Champion’s QUEST, Troy attends Strength clinics to help him gain an edge on the soccer field. In just 9 months of training, Troy has increased his athleticism by 345%! Keep up all the hard work Troy and I’m looking forward to watching your continued success on and off the soccer field.

About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, MS CSCS USA-W USSF

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com       562-598-2600



300+ % Improvement! -Brandon Tuck

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” -Tim NotkeBrandon Tuck

Brandon Tuck walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in March of 2016 with short-term goals of developing his upper body and core strength, while improving his running mechanics. Brandon’s long-term goals are to play on the Varsity team at Milikan High School, make the LA Galaxy Academy and one day play soccer professionally.LA galaxy

Brandon currently plays for LA Galaxy’s U-12 pre-academy team coached by Kevin Gallagher. To improve his athleticism on the field, Brandon has been attending the Speed and Strength clinics at Champion’s QUEST. In less than 4 months of training, Brandon has made a 363% improvement in his athleticism!

Brandon T

Keep up all the hard work Brandon! Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on Katella.


About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, MS CSCS USA-W USSF

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com       562-598-2600

Soccer Parent Testimonial: Nicholas Rosales

Nicholas Rosales walked through the doors ofChampion’s QUEST back in January of 2016 with short-term goals of improving his agility, upper body and core strength to improve his athleticism on the soccer field. Nicholas went on to earn team MVP honors on his Cypress High School Frosh/Soph soccer team this past season.

Nicholas Rosales MVPAs a freshman, Nicholas also ran with the Varsity Cross Country team and had goals of running with the Varsity Track team as well. Nicholas worked hard to improve his strength at Champion’s QUEST and went on to accomplish his goal. He competed with the Varsity Track & Field team this past season and finished in 28th place in the 800m and 24th in the 1600m during the Jim Polite Walnut Invitational.

“His core is a lot stronger and you can just tell by the way that he moves. Nicholas has that extra gas in the tank when he competes. When the bell rings for the final lap of the race, he can just take off and doesn’t let anyone catch him.” -Pamela Rosales

Keep up all the hard work Nicholas and I’m excited to hear about many more accomplishments in the future!

About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com       562-598-2600