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Soccer Parent Testimonial: Moreno Family


Isabelle Moreno is approaching her yeIsabelle Morenoar mark here at Champion’s QUEST where she joined in November of 2015. Since Isabelle’s arrival she has made a 119% improvement in her athleticism. Isabelle has obtained a bigger goal to become the most feared player and is reaching that goal every day she trains.
Isabelle currently plays for soccer for NHB where they recently played in the West Coast Classic Tournament this past weekend.

Izzy has been regularly attending soccer clinics and power clinics to improve her athleticism to make her an even better soccer player. Her work ethic is continuing to show in her performance on the field. She is becoming the most feared player with her speed, agility, and strength. Her improvement in her athleticism is being noticed and is becoming a stand out athlete!

“Izzy played great in all 5 games at the West Coast Classic Tournament this past weekend. They played 2 games on Saturday and 1 Sunday to get into the Semi Finals. The Semi Finals and Finals were Sunday night and were hard fought games. Izzy had 5 assists and her speed, quickness, and agility were very noticeable and stood out all tournament even with a sore hamstring. She was able to dispossess the opponents almost at will and her strength definitely made a difference. Thanks for everything you guys do!” -Joe Moreno

Keep up the hard work Izzy! You are doing fantastic and I look forward to hearing more about all of your future success.

Angela Garcia Champions Quest

Fast Feet, Don’t Get Beat!

Agility is an athlete’s ability to explosively start, decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again while maintaining body control. Agility is the body’s way to cooChampionsQuestAgilitySoccerrdinate various movements needed to excel in the sport of the athlete. Agility training enhances soccer players in three ways: Neuromuscular adaptation, increased body control, and increased reaction time.

1) Neuromuscular Adaptations: There is an increase in force production when performing agility. This means that the muscles in the body are contracting at a faster rate. When training at a fast rate, the body will adapt to the speed. Therefore, train fast to be fast.

2) Increased Body Control: Incorporating an agility program allows for a soccer player to control the small movements in the body for better posture and better efficiency. This includes the movements in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankle joints. It gives the soccer player a better sense of control to perform the task  faster.

3) Increased Reaction Time: An agility program will allow a soccer player to place their body in a better position to take advantage of performance situations. This includes reacting to 50/50 balls and to react quicker during 1v1’s.

As soccer p20160809_150202layers, the majority of time we spend on the ball performing toe taps, bells, or focusing on enhancing the ball skill. However, the game of soccer requires quick releases of the ball with explosive movements, such as sprinting, changing direction, and jumping. Therefore, more time needs to be spent off the ball training to allow our feet to move quicker off the ball.

This includes training with various agility patterns with quick releases of the ball. Here at Champion’s QUEST, we focus on allowing our soccer players to move quick off the ball. During our soccer clinics, we focus on enhancing their quickness to allow them to become better soccer players.  Click below to try out on of our soccer specific clinics!

Angela Garcia Champions Quest


3 ‘Secrets’ to Running Faster

Here at Champion’s QUEST, one of the most popular questions asked is;”How do I get faster?”. As many wonder if there are ‘secrets’ to running faster, there are actually no ‘secrets’ to how we can run faster. There has been countless research done that gives strong evidence to how the body can produce more speed. As a speed specialist, I will go over 3 common ways to run faster.

Three ways to run faster:Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.42.52 PM 2

  1. Technique
  2. Strength
  3. Power

1. Technique: Good technique will allow for the body to become more fluid and efficient. If you put two soccer players together with the same ability in a race, the one with the better technique will win because they waste less energy, invoke greater leverage, and sustain greater power. The one with bad technique will lose power and waste a lot of energy by unnecessary movements.

2. Strength: Strength plays a crucial role in running faster. A greater strength relativChampionsQuestTeamTraininge to body-weight allows for more force to be applied onto the ground. The more force applied allows for an increase in the stride length and stride frequency. This allows the soccer player to be able to get on and off the ground quicker. A soccer player with a lack of strength will not be able to move their body from step to step as quickly as a soccer player with strength.

3. Power: Power training allows for an adaptation in the body to occur to allow the soccer player to do high speed movements without losing energy. Power training involves lengthening the muscle to shortening the muscle very quickly.  Sprinting at top speed involves this and allows for stored energy to be released and trained. Also, performing plyometrics and various power training will allow for this adaptation to occur.

Here at Champion’s QUEST, we focus on these three ways to enhance our athletes’ speed.

Angela Garcia Champions Quest


Success Story – Aniyah League: A Threat in Soccer and Track & Field

Many young soccer players look for a second sport to compete in that will compliment their training for soccer. Often, athletes feel that cross-country would increase their cardio for soccer. Cross country will in fact help soccer players increase their endurance for 3-5 mile runs.

If a soccer player is looking to increase their sprint endurance, then track and field is a perfect compliment.

Aniyah League TrackOne of our younger athletes, 11 year-old Aniyah League, is doing just that: Competing at an elite level in TRACK and also in SOCCER. Aniyah and her teammates on her CDA Slammers soccer team recently competed in Dallas, Texas at the Premier Supercopa Soccer Tournament. Aniyah helped lead her team with 6 goals to the Championship game and ultimately winning the tournament, playing both outside defender and striker.

On top of training each week at Champion’s QUEST, Aniyah has also been running for Push Track club. This past weekend, Aniyah competed in the AAU Track & Field Championships for Region 23 and earned herself a spot to the Junior Olympics this Summer in Houston, Texas.Aniyah League Soccer

Aniyah qualified for the Track & Field Junior Olympics in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and Long Jump.
This Triple Threat is growing taller and growing faster each week as she pushes herself mentally and physically. The sky is the limit for this current Champion and we are all very excited to see what else she will accomplish this summer.

Great Job Aniyah, your hard work is paying off and you will continue to reap the benefits of your dedication! -Coach Brittany

About the Author:

Brittany Gonzales

Brittany Gonzales, Director of Soccer Academy

BrittanyG@ChampionsQUEST.com 562-598-2600

Success Story: Jaycie Chavez

At 7 years old JaJaycieycie Chavez walked in the doors of Champion’s QUEST with a smile and eager to become a better soccer player by being stronger, faster, and learning new moves.

Jaycie currently plays for CDA Slammers FC where she plays as a forward. She also plays for an AYSO Select team. Jaycie is pushing herself on both teams with practices as well as attending Champion’s QUEST. She strives to become the fastest girl on her Slammers team and she is wJaycie Chavez Improvement.pngell on her way by improving her 10 yard sprint from 2.37 seconds to 2.22 seconds.  Since November of 2015, Jaycie has made a 176% improvement in her athleticism.

Jaycie started out with a single leg score on her right foot of 14.63 seconds and has cut that time in half to 7.88 seconds. She has established more coordination and balance with her agility training. She has improved her vertical jump from 12 inches to 13.5 inches even as she is growing! Her change of direction speed went from 7.04 seconds to 6.41 seconds where she is able to stay low on her change of direction. She has increased her upper body strength as well where she is now able to complete 14 push-ups in a minute compared to where she started at 6 push-ups. This was increasing her score by more than 50%.

Jaycie is always eager to train with lots of enthusiasm. She is energetic and determined every time she comes in the gym. Jaycie is very competitive, so she pushes herself in every training session. Jaycie has many great things in her path and I am excited to see what the future holds for her!

Keep up all the hard work Jaycie! You’re doing great!

About the Author:

CoCoach Angela ach Angela Garcia, Soccer Assistant Coach



Soccer Parent Testimonial: Joely Blair

“Since Joely has been attending Champion’s Quest, I have noticed how strong she is!  After having ACL surgery, the goal was to make her weaker leg stronger and it worked!  Going regularly has not only made her physically stronger, but her confidence has gone up as well.  She really enjoys all that she is learning from the various trainers along with the encouragement and ongoing feedback that she gets from them.  All the trainers keep an eye on her and I really feel that they are genuinely interested in helping her attain her goals.  She is learning life long tools that will help her well beyond high school.  We have really enjoyed coming to Champions QUEST.” -Christine Blair 

Joely Blair walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST to gain athleticism from a post-ACL surgery. She obtained short-term goals of gaining strength, agility, and speed to allow for an edge in 50/50 balls as a central midfielder. She also obtained lonJoelyBlair2g term goals to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Since first attending Champion’s QUEST in November of 2015 Joely has increased her athletic score by 172%. This includes increasing her vertical jump by 2.5 inches and improving her agility by 3 seconds!

We are so proud of the progress Joely is making towards her goals. Keep working hard Joely!

About the Author:

CoCoach Angela ach Angela Garcia, Soccer Assistant Coach



Soccer Top Speed

Maximal velocity is the fastest speed a soccer player can obtain. A gain in top speed will allow a soccer player to gain an edge in their competition.

Training top speed requires running tall and quick recovery of the heel. A drill that emphasizes a quick recovery of the heel and being tall is the claw drill. 

In the Champion’s QUEST speed clinics, the program is dedicated to increasing top speed through drills such as the claw drill.


About the Author:Coach Angela

Coach Angela Garcia, Soccer Assistant Coach