Soccer Success Story: Jordan Serrano

In December of 2014, Jordan Serrano made the decision to become an even better soccer player by walkinChampionsQuestBeachFC.jpgg through the doors of Champion’s QUEST. At the age of 11 Jordan obtained goals to get stronger, faster, and enhance her soccer skills. 

Jordan has made significant improvements  in her athleticism and has increased her athlete score by 305%!

In order to obtain her goals, Jordan attends the strength and speed clinics for her age group. Jordan Serrano ImprovementJordan also is at Champion’s QUEST after school. Jordan always drops in the office with a smile to give an update on what she is doing and then heads into the gym to get her workout in. She comes in after school to work on her soccer skills and to utilize the myCQ app, a downloaded phone app that athletes use at Champion’s QUEST to workout in the gym or anywhere to gain that extra edge.

Jordan’s dedication to training  has been acknowledged through the recent making of the Beach FC ’03 club team.

Jordan is continuing to grow mentally and athletically to become the best soccer player she can be. Jordan is beginning to demonstrate more leadership in the gym and this leadership role has transitioned from the gym to home with the new addition of her little sister, Rowan. 

We are proud of you Jordan! Keep up all the hard work and we are excited to see what else is in store for you this year!

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