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Soccer Success Story: Kennedy Wesley

Brittany Gonzales Soccer

July ’15: ECNL National Champions

This past summer, Kennedy Wesley decided to follow in her SC Blues ECNL teammate’s (Ashley Soto) footsteps through the doors at Champion’s QUEST. Kennedy was excited and eager to continue her path towards becoming the “Best Athlete She Can Be” as she prepared for her Freshman year at Valley Christian High School and continued to fight for her Starting position on the U.S. U-15 National Team.

Kennedy started her training program with a short-term goal of Increasing her Speed on her Agility and a long-term goal of playing in an International Event with the National Team. 


Back in the Summer, Coach Brittany and Kennedy discussed the upcoming U-17 Women’s World Cup hosted in Jordan from September 30 – October 21st, 2016. With this tournament being a big event for Women’s Soccer, there was a possibility that Kennedy could be moved up to the U-17 national camp if she performed well at the U-15 national camps.

Brittany Gonzales Soccer

Nov ’16: U-15 National Camp

Kennedy dedicated herself to working on her agility and power knowing that being quicker and stronger would help her against older girls. In 3 short months at Champion’s QUEST, Kennedy increased an inch on her standing vertical jump and took 3 seconds off her agility. As she successfully accomplished her short-term goal, Kennedy fought to make her long-term goal a reality.

After attending a second U.S. U-17 national camp in Boca Raton, Fl this past week, Kennedy texted Coach Brittany and announced “I have made the U-17 World Cup Qualifying event roster.” 

Brittany Gonzales Soccer

Jan ’16: U-17 National Camp


Kennedy’s future of accomplishing her long-term goal will come this March as she travels with the team to Grenada to play in the U-17 Women’s Championship. To have this story end in a full circle, Kennedy and the U.S. may end up playing against her teammate Ashley Soto and the U-17 Mexican National team.

LosAlamitosPlayItAgainSportsCongratulations Kennedy on making the decision to put in the time and effort to pursue your goals. We are all very proud of you and can’t wait to watch you Succeed on the Soccer Field. Enjoy your Play It Again Sports $20 “Fun Bucks” coupon at the Los Alamitos location on Katella.


Brittany Gonzales


Coach Brittany Gonzales, Soccer Academy Director

BrittanyG@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600

Soccer Parent Testimonial: Kevin Zelaya

Well Kyle where can I start? I have seen such a big change in Kevin. He’s been motivated about his exercising and also his eating habits have changed. Kevin stopped eating junk food and sugary snacks. He doesn’t drink soda, just water.  He’s also more confident and secure about himself. I had a parent conference on Thursday and all his teachers say he’s an excellent student. I’m very glad we found out about your program.” -Karla Zelaya

100008730_largeKevin has been making Champion’s QUEST his home for training since July 2015. Since then, Kevin has made significant improvements in his athleticism and increased his overall athlete score by 59%. Kevin has been attending the Strength and Champion’s Challenge clinics in addition to coming in on his own to workout using the myCQ App, Champion’s QUEST own App that athletes download on their phone to take their workouts anywhere – at the soccer field, in their garage, in their living room, or working out with their parents and friends.

Keep up all the hard work Kevin!Kyle CQ pic (1)

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach

Kyle@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600