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Coerver Soccer Training + Youth Athletic Performance

Soccer skill development and athletic performance are growing and becoming more vital each year for youth soccer players due to increased competition on the soccer field.

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pular and successful soccer method, Coerver Coaching, focuses on the individual skills development and small group play suited for all ages, especially for players aged 5 through 16. The goal of Coerver Coaching is to develop skilled, confident, and creative soccer players. imgres
Coerver coaching bases their soccer skills training program on 6-building blocks in a pyramid scheme. The first level is ball mastery, which consists of repetition ball control drills. The second level is receiving and passing, which contains soccer drills to improve first touch and accurate passing. The third level is soccer moves (1v1), using soccer drills to create space against packed defenses. The fourth level is speed to increase technique and encourage instinctive soccer play. The fifth level is finishing with soccer drills that emphasize in technique and instinctive play. The last and sixth level is the group play, which focuses on soccer drills that create fast break attacks and small group play.

As a previous collegiate soccer player and a strength and conditioning professional, I have incorporated the Coerver Coaching into my own soccer training drills for kids. My soccer skills program focuses on the skill development with the addition of exercises that include reaction and change of direction drills for all ages. In other words, my program incorporates the Coerver method’s 6-building blocks and with a focus on youth athletic performance drills. The goal is to increase each soccer player’s athleticism and soccer skill to maximize their potential to be the best soccer player they can be. Ultimately, the soccer player can achieve their desired level of play.

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Tips to Improve your First Touch

Improving the first touch is something that every soccer player who is serious about getting better is always working on. There are a lot of different methods out there to improve first touch. Today I’m going to be giving you 3 tips on how to juggle the ball to a good first touch.

Barcelona+Training+Press+Conference+aJVNousQzxJlTip Number 1: Focus on the way the ball feels when it comes off your foot. After you have it memorized for the way the ball should feel when it comes off your foot properly, begin to try and replicate that feeling over and over again until it becomes second nature and you no longer have to focus on it.

Tip Number 2: Alternate feet. So instead of just keeping the ball up, try to do two touches on your right followed up with two touches on your left and then keep repeating until the ball hits the ground. You can vary how many touches you have before you switch feet to further make it more difficult on yourself.

Tip Number 3: Vary the height that you kick the ball. Once you get in a good rhythm of juggling, begin to alternate how high you kick the ball. When the ball comes back down after you kicked it up high try to bring it right back into your juggling pattern. A good one that I try and do is 3 low kicks, followed by 1 high one above my head and then just repeat until I lose control.

Finally, there is one secret tip that can help you and that is PRACTICE. Everyday you should be out juggling for at least 10 minutes if you want to see improvement! If you are committed and stay at it then you will definitely reap the rewards of an improved first touch.

– Coach Eric

Champions Quest Athlete Success Story: Joshua Littleford. Coach Joe Polifroni B.S. Kinesiology

        Joshua Is an 18 year old High School Senior here at Champions Quest. He is a soccer player who competes for the O.C. Premiere soccer club. Josh plays right and left midfield, and also contributes as a forward. This athlete is very dynamic, fast, strong, and explosive as he dominates on the field with his athleticism. It has been exciting to watch his improvement this past year. Josh is one of our Champion level athletes and reached this accomplishment throughout 2014! This means that Josh is an athlete who is ready to compete at the college level.

       During 2014, Josh put on over 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. This boosted his strength and power! His vertical jump increased by 5 inches and now jumps over 32 inches straight up. For his upper body strength, Joshua can now complete over 90 pushups within 1 minute, and complete 32 pull-ups without resting.

      Speed has always been a strong focus for Josh. His position has such a huge demand for top acceleration and endurance. Josh is extremely quick at changing directions and being able to accelerate out of turns with power. He dropped 0.40 seconds off of his 5-10-5 speed drill, from 4.7 to 4.3. That is extremely fast!  Josh was also finally able to drop his 40 yard dash time to 5.00 seconds flat by adding more strength to his legs.

       All of these results were no accident. Josh made a serious commitment to make the workouts at Champions Quest every single week, improving on his strength and speed. That was in addition to his schoolwork, soccer practices, and time spent with friends and family. Making your athleticism a priority is what it takes to become a Champion. Josh is the true mark of what it means to be a Champion athlete.

      Josh has aspirations of playing soccer in college, but really wants to focus on academics throughout his college career. His plan is to try out for the men’s soccer team at the college he attends. There is no doubt in my mind that he will impress and make the roster. We all look forward to his future success!

Watch Josh’s video on speed and agility to see an elite athlete at work! Click HERE

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Coach Brittany’s Soccer Agility Drills Series

Coach Brittany from the Champion’s QUEST Soccer Academy shows a simple way to use Agility Rings with Soccer Players off the field. No cleats or ball needed, just 4 Agility Rings and Soccer Players.

Start off with a focus on movements going forward/backward and side to side in a slow, controlled manner. As the athlete gets better at those movements, then move on to diagonal movements to increase the change of direction. As the athlete gets used to the new direction, add in plyometric vertical jumps, horizontal “broad” jumps, and speed. The possibilities are endless with these drills.

Coaching Cues: 1) Start slow and controlled to make sure their balance and technique is there.

2) Make sure the athlete completes one motion before moving onto the next.

3) As the difficulty and speed increases, continue to focus on technique!

QUESTIONS? Email Coach Brittany Gonzales, CSCS, FMS, USA-W, Soccer Academy Director