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Soccer Game Changer: Thomas Pighin

At Champion’s QUEST, we are always excited to hear from our parents about how much their athlete has improved and the changes that they have seen in their athlete since beginning their journey at the Athlete Academy. Sometimes the improvements are physical, other times the changes are mental but it is always amazing to hear when it is both.

thomas-pighin“I’ve seen Thomas become a more confident and competent soccer player. He only played one season when he was six and some loosely organized play at school. He wanted to try something other than baseball so we set him up with the CQ Soccer camp and a Coerver camp to help him at least have some soccer skills. I’m very happy with the conditioning Thomas is getting at CQ. His endurance has really increased and this is very important on the bigger soccer field. He has improved his speed, which had always been an issue for him. At school they are preparing for fitness testing and Thomas is well above most other kids. In fact he and Cameron (another CQ athlete) kinda leave the others behind.” -Chris Pighin

When Thomas comes to train at Champion’s QUEST, he attends the B.A.S.E, Soccer, and Baseball clinics to develop his athleticism along with the technical skills needed to excel in his games. Currently, Thomas plays forward, defender and goalkeeper for his AYSO-Cypress team. Thomas has short-term goals of improving his speed, strength and dribbling for soccer and a long-term goal of playing soccer professionally.

“He’s doing well so far with his team. Thomas has to play up because his birthday is three days before the cutoff so his friends are all U10 and he’s a U12. He’s hanging in there playing multiple positions, including goalie and forward and even scored the tying goal in a game. We will transition to baseball soon. One of the things I love about CQ is that he can get quality instruction in a variety of sports- along with conditioning. He’s excited to his re-testing this week and can’t stop talking about improving his scores!” -Chris Pighin

I’m also excited to see how much Thomas’ hard work has paid off and also to continue to follow his success on the soccer and baseball field. Keep it up Thomas!

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Coerver Soccer Training + Youth Athletic Performance

Soccer skill development and athletic performance are growing and becoming more vital each year for youth soccer players due to increased competition on the soccer field.

An enYouth soccerhancement in soccer skills will allow for an advantage against the opponent. A po
pular and successful soccer method, Coerver Coaching, focuses on the individual skills development and small group play suited for all ages, especially for players aged 5 through 16. The goal of Coerver Coaching is to develop skilled, confident, and creative soccer players. imgres
Coerver coaching bases their soccer skills training program on 6-building blocks in a pyramid scheme. The first level is ball mastery, which consists of repetition ball control drills. The second level is receiving and passing, which contains soccer drills to improve first touch and accurate passing. The third level is soccer moves (1v1), using soccer drills to create space against packed defenses. The fourth level is speed to increase technique and encourage instinctive soccer play. The fifth level is finishing with soccer drills that emphasize in technique and instinctive play. The last and sixth level is the group play, which focuses on soccer drills that create fast break attacks and small group play.

As a previous collegiate soccer player and a strength and conditioning professional, I have incorporated the Coerver Coaching into my own soccer training drills for kids. My soccer skills program focuses on the skill development with the addition of exercises that include reaction and change of direction drills for all ages. In other words, my program incorporates the Coerver method’s 6-building blocks and with a focus on youth athletic performance drills. The goal is to increase each soccer player’s athleticism and soccer skill to maximize their potential to be the best soccer player they can be. Ultimately, the soccer player can achieve their desired level of play.

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