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Success Story: Volleyball Star on the Rise


When Champion’s QUEST first opened the doors to youth athletes, the focus was all geared to helping the local Seal Beach Volleyball Club. Now we have been open for over fifteen years and have been able to help athletes in all sports with their athleticism. We have continued to provide the training for many young volleyball athletes in the Los Alamitos-Long Beach area and we are now working with a phenomenal athlete that is on the 14-1’s team for Seal Beach by the name of Grace Abdoo.

Grace started back in 2011 with our Summer Volleyball Camps and continued doing theunspecified-1 camps for the next couple of years. She joined our program as a full-time athlete in the Spring of 2014, which was a little less than a year after her older sister started the program. After doing three years of the Summer Camps along with seeing all the improvements her older sister was able to gain, her mother wanted to give Grace the same advantage her sister was gaining since she competes in a sport where height is an advantage. From her first evaluation back in the Spring of 2014, up to her most recent in the month of August, Grace has been able to increase not only her athletic ability but her confidence on the court.

Her Mother had told meIf you could have seen how she served in a game back when she was 12, and how she serves now, it’s night and day. Also, she doesn’t get nervous in big games, even if she knows a lot of people are watching. For example, when they made the finals at Junior Nationals early this year.


CVBA Santa Monica Women’s B Tournament Winners

Earlier this month, Grace was able to win the California Beach Volleyball Association Women’s B Doubles Tournament. She started playing in unrated and B women’s tournaments this just year, just to get some experience playing against adults since she has been playing Beach Volleyball for just about three years now. Grace is currently a Freshman in the Pace program at Long Beach Poly High School and is a starter on their girls JV Volleyball team.


Grace has gained a lot over these past couple of years and she continues to grow in her athletic ability. She may not have the height most Volleyball coaches look for in their athletes but she makes up with tons of talent and ability on the court. Her game knowledge is a level above her peers and she will continue to grow in her sport from her coaches at LB Poly, Seal Beach VC and her Beach Volleyball Coach Misty May-Treanor.

Being a freshmen in high school comes with different struggles and I am very confident that Grace will have that mental strength to push herself beyond any situation that may be presented to her within the next four years. We at Champion’s QUEST will continue to provide her with a strong direction and guidance in her sport and life!


Summer 2011


September 2016

Article By: Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1

Soccer Video: Teaching the Cross-Over Step

Change of direction is essential to any soccer athlete, especially ones who need to make sharp cuts and perform in multiple planes. The cross-over step is one way that an athlete can change direction efficiently, without losing any speed or power.

The first step to developing an athlete’s cross-over step is to work on the mechanics of the movement to ensure proper form and body alignment. Next, the athlete can train the movement by performing it game speed but still focusing on the correct form. Lastly, the athlete must apply the movement in a soccer-specific pattern that they would use out on the field.

This video covers all three phases of the cross-over step to help develop more efficient turns and directional changes on the soccer field.

For more information on soccer-specific speed training or to schedule an athletic evaluation at Champion’s QUEST contact Coach Kyle.


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Evaluating Soccer Speed: Pro (5-10-5) Agility Test

In the game of soccer, a change of direction occurs repeatedly throughout a 90-minute match, about every 4-5 seconds. The outcome of the match is largely determined by the speed and efficiency at which those changes of direction occur.ChampionsQuestChangeDirection

The 5-10-5 Shuttle or Pro Agility Test measures an athlete’s ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction, and re-accelerate as fast as possible. The athlete is evaluated on their ability to be explosive in their starts and turns while keeping their body under control to limit inefficient movements. These traits are essential in any sport that requires quick cuts and changes in direction, such as soccer. Pro-Agility

FullSizeRender 21The implementation of this test is simplistic in nature and does not require any additional equipment aside from the cones or markers to identify the 5-yard lines as well as a stopwatch to measure time. Three marker cones are placed along a line five yards apart. The athlete straddles the middle line and puts one hand down in a three-point stance. The athlete can start by going either to the right or left direction and runs 5 yards to the side and touches the line with their hand. The athlete then turns and runs the opposite direction and touches the other line, finally turning and finishes the test by running back through the start/finish line.

At Champion’s QUEST, our soccer athletes perform the Pro Agility Test to evaluate their agility and change of direction. In addition, the USA Men’s National soccer team utilizes the Pro Agility Test to determine the lateral quickness and explosiveness of their athletes.

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600

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Speed Drills: Run With More Power

One of the simplest ways to increase speed and run with more power is to lift your knees higher. The higher an athlete’s knee drive is, the greater potential they have for force to be applied into the ground. By applying force explosively into the ground, an athlete can increase their speed and acceleration.

The ability to lift the knees when running is controlled by the hip flexors, a group of muscles that act together to lift the femur, and the hamstrings. Strengthening these two muscles and teaching them to work together also increase speed by developing a powerful knee drive.

At Champion’s QUEST, we focus on developing an athlete’s knee drive to increase speed. These exercises also strengthen the core and teach the body to remain stable when performing explosive lower body movements.

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600


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