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2016 Summer Performance Camps Calendar

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Arm Swing Drill to help Increase Speed

Kid JukeDo you have a problem with increasing your speed from a start or after a cut you made on the field? What if you knew a drill that could help you increase speed in either situation! There is one drill that I would like to share with you that will help your speed from both a stopped and a cutting position. This drill is called the Arm Swing Drill. With more force applied in the arm swing you can increase the power in your knee drive into that direction. There are a variety of positions that you can do the arm swing drill in and for today I want focus on the split stance position. In the split stance position you are not only focused on arm swing, it forces you to engage the core, have an upright posture and allow for explosive arm swings with big range of motion.

Before you get into the split stance, make sure that your back knee is kneeling on to a mat or some type of padding. The front foot should be flat and knee is bent at about 90-100 degrees with the back foot dorsiflexed and weight pressing down through the toes.Your upper body should be held upright with shoulders level and chin at neutral height. Make sure that your arms are bent at approximately 90 degrees at the elbows with hands relaxed with hands staying relaxed during the swing. The opposite arm of the forward leg should be out in front. The hand of back arm should be behind the hips with elbow pushed up to should height. During the entire motion keep your core engaged to help prevent any movement in the upper body.

As you swing your arms, focus on the back swing during the movement. The majority of force production should be placed in swinging the arm behind the body which would help the back leg drive forward with more force on your run. A good cue to remember is to “throw their hands behind the hips” during the movement (the swing). It is important to stay relaxed in the hands, your shoulders and face to allow greater range of motion with increased force production. In the split stance, the count should be an even number to make sure that you are always having the opposite arm in front when the movement is complete. A set should have 4-6 reps for each side and with each rep the number of swings should be about a 2-4 count. At the end of each set swing your arms continuously for up to 8 seconds in order to simulate a sprint. Once you are able to go through the drill then do a few standing starts and focus on your arms to produce force in your run.

Oct10_Runnin_photoYou should feel more power in your drive phase and more stable in through your core throughout the run.  If you need more instruction about the Arm Swing please CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY VIDEO  to help guide you and give you tips on what to do during the drill. Hope that you can gain from this and if you are looking that competitive edge on the court or field, visit our web site for more information about our Athlete Academy or you can CLICK HERE FREE COACHING SESSION with myself at our training facility in Los Alamitos so that you can be apart of our Athlete Academy family. Take that step to be the best athlete you can be!

Written by Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1