“How to Meet with A Coach Effectively”

coach-cornerI have worked with athletes for many years and I always hear several questions about coaches, their style, philosophy, evaluation of player performance and basically understanding expectations. Here are a few familiar questions and or comments: I do not understand my coach. How do I speak to my Coach? Why am I not playing? Why does my Coach dislike me? My Coach has favorites? My Coach is Unfair.

I am quite sure, that these questions/comments are all too familiar, especially, with the climate of competition in athletics.  At the end of the day, the athlete must still have the comfort to speak to the coach.  The athlete must show confidence, composure and respect during this meeting. Now today’s focus is on how an athlete should prepare for a 1-on-1 meeting with a coach.

Meeting Keys:

Have a Plan—Agenda–Provides organization
Objective— Main Goal—Why you called the meeting
3 points of Interest—What you want to address
Make 3 Copies-(You, Your Position Coach and Head Coach)
Create 10-15 Open-ended questions— Promotes discussion and feedback
(Question Strategy: who,what ,when where,why and how)

Meeting Flow:

Review Agenda
Open Discussion—Ask your questions
Allow Coach to respond on your points
You speak on your points
Confirm understanding of objectives-3 Points of Interest
Action steps: Set f/up meeting time to measure performance
Say Thank You

Qualities to Remember during the Meeting:

Listen -Take Notes

Keep Composure -Control Emotions

Focus on Objectives-Manage Time

Take Ownership -Repeat Important Points

Breathe-Relax-Stay Calm

This meeting preparation guideline provides a benchmark on how to plan, approach and gain the respect of the coach. An organized plan shows thought, professionalism and most importantly, shows that the athlete is serous about the future. If you would like a sample of a meeting agenda simply email me at reggiew@championsquest.com. Take care and remember preparation builds separation!!!

“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy

Assistant Athletic Director

Coach Reggie Ward

University of Notre Dame”88




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