College Basketball Coach Interview: Looking for Winners On and Off the Court

What do college coaches think about the recruiting process?

Coach Brittany had an interview with an old classmate, Coach Brent Crews, and here is what he had to say about his recruiting process. Coach Crews played NCAA Division I basketball at Florida Atlantic University. Switching to the other side of the game, Coach Crews became an assistant coach at the University of San Francisco and is now the Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Thomas University, a NAIA college in Thomasville, Georgia.

Brent Crews Thomas University

Q: What do you look for when evaluating potential recruits?

A: “What I look for when evaluating is 3 things. Toughness, basketball IQ, Winner.”

Q: How do you initially reach out to a recruit?

A: “Most of the time I reach out through their coach.”

Brent Crews FAU

Coach Crews played NCAA Div. I college basketball for Florida Atlantic University

Q: Discuss your 1st call strategy for a recruit.

A: “My 1st call for a recruit will start with me explaining who I am as a coach. Then I will talk about the team conference and school. The biggest objective on the 1st phone call is to get the recruit interested. The 1st phone call is all about me, the team, and school.

Q: How often do you communicate with your recruits?

A: “I communicate with my top recruits once or twice a week. Potential top recruits I speak with 2-3 times a month.”

Q: How do you close a recruit when you want them to commit?

A: “When I want to close a recruit I bring him on campus and bring out the red carpet. Take him to the best restaurants in town. Try to get as many 1-1 talks as possible while he is on his visit (official visit.) Answer all questions and show him what it would be like if he committed. After the visit if he doesn’t commit, I immediately set up a home visit and give another pitch.”

Q: What tips would you give athletes just getting started with recruiting?

A: “It is a long process in recruiting. You have to do everything on your end not to mess up any potential schools interested in you. Grades is a must, attitude has to be great, and your coaches and teammates should love being around you. Every coach loves a player everyone else loves. Trust your ability and play with confidence. You are good enough and your time will come. Do not compare your recruiting process to anyone else’s process. They are all different.”



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