Parent Testimonial: Jack Mc Carty-Gann




Jack  loves baseball, he has been at Champion’s Quest for over 3 months now and he doing a great job.  We are extremely proud of his positive attitude, hard work and dedication to his pursuit of being the best.  We know that it takes a complete effort by the parents, the coaches at Champion’s Quest and most importantly, the commitment from the athlete.  His Mom Kelley sees the results and is very happy with Jack’s progress.

Mother Kelley’s View:

“Jackson growth since starting Champions Quest is so noticeable! His skill level has improved in just 3 months. His coordination with running is the highlight because he has long legs and long arms and could not get them to work together before spending time in the speed clinics!”

Thank you Champions Quest staff!

Mother of Jackson


As you can see the parent’s view plays a vital part in the success of their athlete.  It is so important that not only the athlete feels the experience of development, but also that the parent sees the overall change of their children. Therefore, I must say  BRAVO to the Champion’s Quest Staff for making Jack’s athleticism and confidence soar!!!

“Congratulations Jack and Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward

Assistant Athletic Director



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