Do you have a Marketing Campaign to gain College Exposure?

Myth: College Coaches will show up at my door and offer me a college scholarship.  

Fact:  Majority (almost all) of College Coaches will not go to your house. Scholarships are discussed/offered through phone or in-person meetings at the college. 

Times have changed and it is now important for parents and athletes to reach out to college coaches. Now, you don’t want to reach out without a plan. Every athlete should have a Marketing Campaign that exposes the athlete’s strengths in emails, videos, pictures, social media, and phone conversations.

Here are some easy steps to follow to make sure you are presenting yourself and your Athletic Strengths in the best possible way.

Daniel Renken Champions Quest

Daniel Renken 2007 CQ Alumni CSU-Fullerton

  1. Define what your Best Strengths are as a Recruit.
    1. What is your athletic strength?
    2. What is your mental strength?
    3. What can you add to their college team?
    4. What makes you different from everyone else?
    5. Check out this Sport Specific Marketing Plan
  2. Design an Athletic Resume. Include the following:
    1. Athletic Action Photos
    2. High School Academic Accolades/Awards
    3. High School Athletic Accolades/Awards
    4. Club/Travel/Competitive Athletic Accolades/Awards
    5. Contact Information for 1 of your Coaches
    6. Contact Information for your Champion’s QUEST coach
    7. 1-3 top scores of your Champion’s QUEST evaluations that supports your Strength as a recruit.
    8. 2-3 sentences of your personal statement why you want to be a College Student-Athlete.

      Geena Urango 2

      Geena Urango 2007 CQ Alumni USC

  3. Design an Email to introduce yourself and explain the reason why the college coach should reply to you and add you to their recruiting list.
    1. Greeting and introduction of yourself.
    2. Why are you interested in that particular college?
    3. What can you bring to their college team (your strengths)?
    4. Schedule of your future events ( for them to attend -or- your itinerary for when you will see them next (camps/combines.)
    5. When you will contact them next or ask questions about contacting them for further information about their program.
    6. Closing with signature and picture.
  4. Record games/ competitions/ training sessions that support your athletic strengths. Now the college coaches can visually see your athletic and mental strengths.

Champion’s QUEST athletes competing in College and/or Pros




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