Soccer Success Story: Anika Piburn

anika-piburn-champions-quest For the past year, Anika Piburn has been preparing for the Los Alamitos high school soccer try-outs and to be the BEST soccer player she can be… well, Anika has done just that. 

Growing up in So Cal competitive soccer, high school soccer has become quite competitive and more often, middle school soccer players are starting to prepare for those try-outs before they reach high school. With the increase in youth soccer players playing club soccer, high school soccer programs have had to create an extensive try-out period for incoming freshman athletes. Anika, like all 8th grade female soccer players wanted to give the try-outs her best effort. In order to do that, Anika knew she knew to put in the extra work outside of her soccer practices and games. Over the last year, Anika has been training in increasing her speed, strength, power, agility, and mental toughness.

Not only did Anika make the Junior Varsity soccer team as a Freshman for Los Alamitos high school, she also helped her club team, CDA Slammers 2001,  win the title of Davis Cup Champions!

Anika Piburn
when Anika came to Champion’s QUEST in 2015, her long-term Goals were the following (August 2015):

  1. “Be able to do pull-ups”
  2. “Increased upper body strength”
  3. “Quicker change of direction”
  4. “More power in taking off in sprints”
  5. “Stronger on the ball”

As you look at the image with Anika’s statistics from the past year, you will see that Anika did in fact, accomplish her long-term goals. Anika’s commitment to attaining her goals has made her a leader at Champion’s QUEST with her peers. It is going to be an exciting year watching Anika use her athletic growth in this upcoming Fall club season for her CDA Slammers team followed by her first high school season at Los Alamitos high school.

Congrats Anika on a year of accomplishment, let’s continue the success! – Coach Brittany



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