3 ‘Secrets’ to Running Faster

Here at Champion’s QUEST, one of the most popular questions asked is;”How do I get faster?”. As many wonder if there are ‘secrets’ to running faster, there are actually no ‘secrets’ to how we can run faster. There has been countless research done that gives strong evidence to how the body can produce more speed. As a speed specialist, I will go over 3 common ways to run faster.

Three ways to run faster:Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.42.52 PM 2

  1. Technique
  2. Strength
  3. Power

1. Technique: Good technique will allow for the body to become more fluid and efficient. If you put two soccer players together with the same ability in a race, the one with the better technique will win because they waste less energy, invoke greater leverage, and sustain greater power. The one with bad technique will lose power and waste a lot of energy by unnecessary movements.

2. Strength: Strength plays a crucial role in running faster. A greater strength relativChampionsQuestTeamTraininge to body-weight allows for more force to be applied onto the ground. The more force applied allows for an increase in the stride length and stride frequency. This allows the soccer player to be able to get on and off the ground quicker. A soccer player with a lack of strength will not be able to move their body from step to step as quickly as a soccer player with strength.

3. Power: Power training allows for an adaptation in the body to occur to allow the soccer player to do high speed movements without losing energy. Power training involves lengthening the muscle to shortening the muscle very quickly.  Sprinting at top speed involves this and allows for stored energy to be released and trained. Also, performing plyometrics and various power training will allow for this adaptation to occur.

Here at Champion’s QUEST, we focus on these three ways to enhance our athletes’ speed.

Angela Garcia Champions Quest



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