3 Myths About Soccer Speed Training

Each day there are many questions and concerns brought up in regards to speed training. I am going to go over 3 popular myths about soccer speed training.

 1.You can’t train speedChampions Quest Youth Soccer

This is a popular belief that an athlete is born with a certain amount of speed and you can’t get faster. WRONG. Many youth athletes’ muscles are weak and they have not learned how to move properly and efficiently. Therefore, improvements in speed can be gained by training proper technique and gaining strength.

2.Training slow makes you fast

Soccer requires a high aerobic component and a high anaerobic component. Running long and slow intervals of continuous running will get the athlete in shape. However in a game of soccer, a soccer player will jog, then sprint 20 yards, jump, jog, and sprint again. In order to get to the ball faster or chase down an opponent a soccer player must improve their top speed and acceleration. This is not done by running at a slow pace, but rather training explosive movements.

3.The harder the workout, the Champions Quest Youth Soccer (1)better the result

Some soccer players, coaches, and parents have this mentality that if a workout or training session doesn’t cause exhaustion that it wasn’t an effective workout. Constantly training to exhaustion can lead to injuries and declined performances. The purpose of a workout is to instill an adaptation in the body. If the purpose of the workout is to get faster, then how do you get faster when your muscles are exhausted and you can’t produce the force to run fast? If the body takes too much work, then the adaptation or purpose of the workout is lost.

Here at Champion’s QUEST, athletes at any age and any level can improve speed when implementing a complete speed training program designed to improve and develop the athlete as a whole. We focus on stimulating the proper adaptations in the body to prevent diminishing returns. 

Angela Garcia Champions Quest


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