Success Story: Jaycie Chavez

At 7 years old JaJaycieycie Chavez walked in the doors of Champion’s QUEST with a smile and eager to become a better soccer player by being stronger, faster, and learning new moves.

Jaycie currently plays for CDA Slammers FC where she plays as a forward. She also plays for an AYSO Select team. Jaycie is pushing herself on both teams with practices as well as attending Champion’s QUEST. She strives to become the fastest girl on her Slammers team and she is wJaycie Chavez Improvement.pngell on her way by improving her 10 yard sprint from 2.37 seconds to 2.22 seconds.  Since November of 2015, Jaycie has made a 176% improvement in her athleticism.

Jaycie started out with a single leg score on her right foot of 14.63 seconds and has cut that time in half to 7.88 seconds. She has established more coordination and balance with her agility training. She has improved her vertical jump from 12 inches to 13.5 inches even as she is growing! Her change of direction speed went from 7.04 seconds to 6.41 seconds where she is able to stay low on her change of direction. She has increased her upper body strength as well where she is now able to complete 14 push-ups in a minute compared to where she started at 6 push-ups. This was increasing her score by more than 50%.

Jaycie is always eager to train with lots of enthusiasm. She is energetic and determined every time she comes in the gym. Jaycie is very competitive, so she pushes herself in every training session. Jaycie has many great things in her path and I am excited to see what the future holds for her!

Keep up all the hard work Jaycie! You’re doing great!

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CoCoach Angela ach Angela Garcia, Soccer Assistant Coach



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