Reduce Injuries by Improving Ankle Mobility

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries that athletes, especially soccer players, suffer from. Soccer athletes are at a high risk for ankle injuries due to the nature of their sport. They need to make quick cuts, stop on a dime, and change direction constantly when performing out on the field. ChampionsQuestSoccer (3)

From the ground up, the body alternates stable and mobile joints from the ankle, stacking all the way up the body. The ankle joint needs to be mobile, followed by stable knee joints, mobile hips, a stable lower back, and so on. If an athlete has limited ankle mobility, it will directly affect how the other joints in the body function throughout the kinetic chain. The body will find a way to compensate but this can be a big problem for athletes.

Emi SchramAt Champion’s QUEST, our athletes work on ankle mobility in our flexibility clinics along with developing single leg stability in our speed and strength clinics. Extra mobility in the ankle joint can help prevent an athlete going past their range of motion when changing direction, especially when performing a cut that wasn’t planned. If an athlete wants to reduce their risk of injury, then their focus should start at the ankles.


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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600



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