SUCCESS STORY: Chase Dodd’s Attack!

This year hbv cal cup finals chase IMG_4167.JPGwe having been working with a young thirteen year old Water Polo athlete that needed to increase his strength and speed to improve his attack in the water. When Chase Dodd started our program in August of last year he had listed his ultimate goal of becoming a member of the Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.43.36 PMUS Youth National Water Polo Team. These past nine months Chase has been in almost every clinic that we offer because of his desire to reach goals and is an extremely motivated athlete. There are many athletes that come in our facility here at Champion’s QUEST and put work in on a daily basis to reach their goals. But Chase has been an athlete that will not only come in for his training session with the multiple clinics that we have, he will come in to our gym on his own to workout using our MyCQ training app.

During his initial evaluation, Chase had an Athletic Score that was about a low level Middle School athlete. We have tested him three other times since his initial evaluation and each score was an increased from the previous. With his Spring Quarter testing being last month, he was able to move his Athletic Score up to a high level Sophomore athlete equivalent. Chase was able to move his Athlete Score from a 6.1 from his first initial evaluation to a 32.8 last month. This would give him an overall 537% increase in his Athletic Score according to our testing protocol since he started our program.

imgres-1With his big increase in performance from out training program along with his team training at Vanguard Aquatics Water Polo, Chase has been able to help his 14U team to win the 2016 California Cup, the 2015 USAWP TYR CUP National Championship, the 2016 SOPAC 14U Championship and the 2015 Rock-Tober PCA Classic National Tournament champions. imgres-2.jpgWith all his team championships and accomplishments, Chase has been recognized by the USA Youth National Water Polo team to be a member of their 2016-17 Men’s Youth Developmental Team. Chase is a very internally driven athlete and I believe that with continued work, a focused mindset  and physical development he will become that Division I level athlete that other aspire to be and hopefully a member of our US Olympic Water Polo team.img_5369(1)

There are still areas that Chase will be improving, such as having more power with is shots and increased core strength. Both of those areas along with increased speed in the water will give him the a dominating presence on his team and lead him in the direction of working for that US Olympic Gold medal!


Article by,

Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF L-1


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