Parent Testimonial: Kayla Ishibashi- “The Shooting Star”

46737cdc1cdad5efda356d13cd0740c3Kayla has been coming to Champion’s Quest for a few months now and she is thriving beyond measure. She is a tremendous athlete, she loves the game of basketball and she has a passion that is beyond her years. This passion shows every time she enters Champion’s Quest. Kayla competes in all her clinics, she listens very well and her focus is outstanding, especially when participating in our quarterly performance testing. This focus, hard work and dedication has led Kayla to achieve the Olympic Level in performance which makes Kayla one of the best athletes in the entire Champion’s Quest Academy.


I hear stories periodically from mom Jennifer about Kayla’s success on and off the court. For example, winning championships with her travel ball team, making 3 pointers, leading the team in scoring, receiving straight A’s in school and achieving new heights with Champion’s Quest. Mom states that Kayla loves Champion’s Quest and her confidence continues to grow each and everyday. I know Kayla is a great athlete, but she is an even better young lady. For example, she listens very well, she is respectful-saying hello and smiling with the confidence of a Champion and most importantly, she is very humble. This is a true testament of the love, support and commitment of everyone in her family. Kayla’s long term goal is to be the starting point guard at the University of Southern California, play in the WNBA and there is no doubt that Kayla is on her way to making it happen.

Congratulations Kayla, we are proud of you and keep shooting for the stars!!!

“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward
Assistant Athletic Director
Champions Quest Athlete Academy


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