Swimming into Success: Brianna Buckle

Bri.B..JPGFor 12+ years there have been many types of athletes that walk through our doors here at Champion’s QUEST wanting to reach their goals and become a dominating force for their team . This year we have been able to work with an extraordinary athlete that is a Varsity Swimmer at Mater Dei High School. For Sophomore Brianna Buckle, swimming is second nature and she is a true athlete in all forms of the word. it has been just over a year that Brianna has been training  in our program and she has been able to see the benefits of that training in the water with record results. Some of this years accomplishments have been qualifying for C.I.F. in four events and for State in one of those events. She also has the third fastest overall time for the 100 Butterfly at Mater Dei.

At the start of her program, Brianna came in with an Evaluation score ranking her at mid freshman level. Since then she has been able to double her score, where she is now testing at a high Varsity level. Brianna has shown nothing but true dedication to her team along with training and a strong work ethic in every area. Even with her scoliosis that presents a structural disadvantage compared to other athletes, she manages to have a California ranking of 129th and with a Power Index of 39.68 according to CollegeSwimming.com. Some of her most recent times include a 2:17.26 for the 200yd IM, 25.84 for the 50yd Freestyle, 1:08.26 for the 100yd Breaststroke and 58.81 for the 100yd Butterfly. She has been able help her High School relay team get a 3:36.10 for the 400yd Freestyle relay. 


Here she is pictured with her younger sister who is also a swimmer, both of them had placed in the OCSC Pentathlon where Brianna earned first place in her division. She also was a member of the 1:47.28record breaking Seal Beach Swim Club relay team for the 200 yard Freestyle. Brianna always has a smile on her face no matter how she feels and never backs away from any challenge, weather it is in while the water or during her dry land training. She has a very bright future ahead of her in the water and she has thoughts of going to Pepperdine, Holy Cross University or Sacred Heart University. With the choices that she has there will a great opportunity for a sound education and that school will benefit from having an athlete like Brianna! 

Article by,

Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1


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