Soccer Parent Testimonial: Nering Family

“After joining Champion’s QUEST our son immediately began feeling like he was part of something that was greater. He would state that he could do tougher physical things because of attending Champion’s QUEST. As time progressed he felt more and more confident both physically and mentally. However, the mental confidence that we see daily far out weighs what any physical evaluation could ever show.”Sawyer soccer

Sawyer Nering walked into the doors of Champion’s QUEST back in July 2015 with short-term goals of improving his strength, speed, and mental game. Sawyer’s long-term goal is to make the Varsity soccer team at Los Alamitos High School by his junior year. Sawyer has been attending soccer clinics to improve his physical traits along with his soccer skills. In addition, Sawyer comes into Champion’s QUEST on his own to do strength workouts using his myCQ training appmyCQ app.jpg

“With a weekly program put into place by his coach Kyle Ertel, our son began to see changes in his strength fairly quickly.  He uses an app that was set up for him that tracks his training sessions along with the amounts of weights he uses.  Just the other day he came to me telling me how he was able to increase the weights during his training session, he was so proud of himself!  Once again, the physical aspect assisted in the mental aspect.  He feels so accomplished when he finishes a tough work out!” -Jamie Nering

Keep up all the hard work Sawyer!

About the Author:CQ headshot

Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600



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