Soccer Article: Olympic Lifting for Power

Maureen Kennedy GymPower = Strength x Speed. Everything we do in life, in or out of the gym involves an expression of power. In athletics, power is defined as the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible. Sports require power in different ways. For example, kicking a soccer ball requires power, as does swinging a golf club or baseball bat. Power is basically strong movements, performed with speed. To be powerful you need to be strong, but you also need to have good balance and coordination, to direct and control this power.jump2

Olympic lifts are a way for athletes to improve explosive power and increase their performance in their sport. They train the body to transfer force from the ground to the fingertips as efficiently as possible. Olympic lifting techniques incorporate large muscle groups and recruit a very large proportion of muscle fibers throughout the entire body. This puts a significant metabolic cost on the body when performing these Olympic lifts because of the energy required to recruit these muscles very quickly. Core strength and stability are needed to perform Olympic lifts and this transfers well to sport-specific movements that require athletes to have proper posture. Also, athletes who need to perform high velocity movements such as sprinting and jumping can benefit from these lifts as significant coordination and muscle control are required.DSC08264

At Champion’s QUEST, our athletes perform variations of Olympic lifts in our Power Hour clinics. Athletes must show proper lifting technique on exercises such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift as a prerequisite to beginning Olympic lifting. Our athletes learn these Olympic lifts with a light bar or pvc pipe so that their form is good before adding additional load to their bodies. Once the athlete has mastered these basic lifts, they can advance to more complex movements such as the power clean, snatch, and jerk.

Interested in developing your athlete’s power or finding out if your athlete is ready for Olympic lifting? Send Coach Kyle an email by clicking the link below.

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