Soccer Video: Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish Get-Up is one of the most complex but functional exercises that an athlete that can perform that incorporates all of the muscles of the body, working together to accomplish the task.

Performing the Turkish Get-Up requires shoulder shoulder stability and control, core strength, and leg drive as the athlete steers the weight through a variety of planes and angles. The Turkish Get-Up allows the athlete to create a linkage between the lower and upper body.

At Champion’s QUEST, our athletes perform the Turkish Get-Up during our Strength clinics to develop their core strength and body control.

Click the link below to watch an instructional video on the Turkish Get-Up:

Done properly, the Turkish Get-Up provides the athlete with a total body workout, builds core strength, increases endurance, and improves overall mobility.

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600


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