Soccer Success Story: Daphne Ayala

In November of 2015, Daphne Ayala made the commitment to improve her athleticism by walking through the doors of Champion’s QUEST. Daphne set goals of improving her speed and quickness in her short sprints, as well as increasing strength in her upper body.Daphne Ayala MVP

As a freshman at Cerritos High School, Daphne played center-midfield on the JV soccer team this past season where she was selected as the team MVP.

The award was selected by her peers and was a near unanimous selection!

Currently, Daphne is participating in Track at Cerritos High School and is running the 100m and 200m events.

She finished 1st in her very first race at the school and will be running in the Irvine Invitational High School meet this upcoming weekend.

At Champion’s QUEST, Daphne attends clinics to develop her speed and strength while also improving her mental toughness. Daphne’s long-term goal is to be a starter on the Varsity soccer team and earn a college scholarship for soccer.

Congratulations Daphne and keep up all the hard work!

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