Football Success Story: Aiden Green—“MVP”

Aiden has been with Champion’s Quest for over 1 & 1/2 years and his performance on the grid iron is simply awesome!!! He received a bevy of awards during the 2015 campaign that shows his hard work and dedication to the game he loves. Aiden led his team in tackles, interceptions, forced fumbles and fumble recoveries. In addition, he was 2nd on team in catches and receiving yardage. These accomplishments equaled the  coveted MVP Award for his team in the  La Mirada Youth Football League.




As you can see, Aiden, put in some serious work on the football field!!! By receiving all of this recognition many athletes may become over-confident and even blush, but not Aiden, he simply smiles during his weekly visits, says “hello Coach Reggie” and continues his quest to be the best.

Aiden is an even better young man than an athlete. I see him consistently studying in our lobby, reading and completing his homework. As he completes his academics, he participates in multiple speed, strength and power clinics to hone his skills. He is by far, one of the best young athletes at Champion’s Quest. Aiden’s ultimate goal is to play football for The University of Oregon, as he continues to excel, there is no doubt ,we will see him streaking down the sidelines at Autzen Stadium,the home of the DUCKS!!!!

Congratulations Aiden and Keep Living Like A Champion!!!!!

Coach Reggie Ward
Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy
Director of Football Academy


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