Soccer Article: Crunch-less Core Training

Americans in general, are prone to poor posture due to the nature of our society. We spend hours on end with our backs rounded and our shoulders hunched over during the day as we drive, sit at work or class, and spend time on our computers/phones.Champions QUEST Side Plank.jpg

When athletes think of performing core strengthening exercises, they often picture exercises such as the sit-up and crunch. These exercises focus on the front of the athlete’s body and often puts stress on the lower back. This is also reinforcing a poor posture pattern that we commonly see in youth athletes.

The core stretches around an athlete’s trunk and includes everything from the bottom of the armpits to the top of the hips.

We need to train the core as the link between the lower and upper body. The core is responsible for transferring forces from the ground through the legs and trunk, to the upper extremities.

To be an efficient athlete, all three of these regions need to be addressed. If there is a weak or missing link in this kinetic chain, then the athlete is not maximizing their athletic potential.ChampionsQuestSTRENGTH

At Champion’s QUEST, our athletes perform exercises that integrate the body as whole to strengthen the muscles of the core, while reinforcing proper posture and alignment of the spine. Our athletes use total body exercises that get them to engage their core while performing strength, plyometric, or speed movements.

Click the link below to watch a video of simple crunch-less core exercises that your athlete can be performing on their own using their myCQ training app.

Crunch-less Core Training

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W USSF       562-598-2600




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