Success Story: Sierra Adams-Gregory

We at Champion’s QUEST have trained many athletes that come in before high school playing one sport and once they get into high school they change their sport. There is a ChampionsQuestCampsfreshman at Lakewood High School by the name of Sierra Adams-Gregory that started back in June of 2013 playing Soccer and has went through a couple of changes with her sports and this past Fall she found her calling with Wrestling. When she started high school this past year, there was a fire that had gotten ignited with a passion for the sport and now she is one of the 24 girls that made it to the CIF Wrestling State Championships which will be held at the end of this month. With the help of her Wrestling Coach Robert Bundy she has been able place 2nd for Moore League Finals for the 189 lbs. weight class, 4th in CIF Southern Qualifier and 5th in the Southern California Sectionals. This is a big accomplishment for any athlete, especially when it is has not even a complete year that she has been competing in the sport. Wrestling is such a brutal sport for the human body and Sierra has not only sacrificed herself for the love of the sport but continues to row for the Long Beach Junior Crew. She has been with on the  LBJC for just over two years and is one of the top rowers for her age group.

Sierra’s athletic ability not only comes from her genetic profile but it also is IMG_0662from her dedication to her training, self-motivation, work ethic and overall love for the sport. She displays a strong passion for the sport and solid future in Wrestling. Both parents are very surprised that she was able to make it this far and have realized that she is a very athletic girl who can accomplish her goals in many different avenues. We at Champion’s QUEST are truly amazed at Sierra’s transition into Wrestling from Soccer then Crew and wish her the best in the up coming State Championships. We will continue to provide her with our expert care and help guide her athletic future no matter what sport she will be competing in throughout her high school career.

Congratulations Sierra!

Article by,

Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1

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