3 Specific Needs for Speed: Part 3- Speed Endurance

Last month MAXIMAL VELOCITY was discussed. This month the third component of speed is: SPEED ENDURANCE. Speed endurance is the soccer player’s ability to repeatedly perform maximal or near maximal

ChampionsQuestSpeed (1)

Champion’s QUEST athlete Aniyah League in action.

sprints at near-maximal speed. Soccer players must obtain speed endurance for the ability to maintain speed over multiple speed bouts. This is due to soccer players having to repeat high intensity sprints.

Three mechanics to focus on for speed endurance for soccer players are:
1. Leg Action
2. Arm Action
3. Posture

Leg action refers to the relationship of the hips and legs relative to the torso and ground.


Champion’s QUEST athlete Sierra Adams-Gregory doing a resisted sprint.

A soccer player must learn to sprint continuously in a coordinated movement by extending the hip, knee, and ankle. When the leg action is in a coordinated movement it produces the greatest force possible against the ground to allow for an increase in speed.

Arm action refers to the range of motion and velocity with which a soccer player uses their arms.

The arm action coordinates with the leg action to help keep the body in alignment. The legs are able to produce loads of force, but the body will not develop all the power without the arm action. This is due to the arms counteracting the forces produced by the legs.

Posture refers to the alignment of the body.

The head should stay in alignment with the torso and the torso in line with the legs. Often, soccer players will allow their head to sway or lift their chin up. This will cause their speed to decrease due to the misalignment.
In the Champion’s QUEST speed clinics, the program is dedicated to increasing Speed in Acceleration, Maximal Velocity, and Speed Endurance through the emphasis of proper mechanics.

Athlete Spotlight:

  •  Joely Blair, 15 year old soccer player
  • Dropped her 10 yard time from 2.09sec (11/17/15) to 1.97 sec (1/12/16)
  • Regularly attends the Speed Clinics
  • Champion For Life since November 2015

Coach Angela


Contact Coach Angela Garcia to do a speed clinic or for soccer specific speed training

Soccer@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600



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