Soccer Article: 5-10-5 Pro Agility Test

At Champion’s QUEST, testing and assessment is an essential component of designing an individualized sports performance program for our athletes. We test all of our athletes within the first two sessions at Champion’s QUEST on their speed, strength, agility, power, and endurance. When athletes enroll at Champion’s QUEST, they begin a custom program that is specific to their athletic needs and goals.ChampionsQuestChangeDirection

Soccer is a dynamic sport that requires a combination of physical and technical abilities.  Speed, agility, and quickness are all characteristics essential to the successful soccer athlete.  Most athletes are proficient in one or two areas, but fall short in others.

Soccer players don’t always run in a complete straight line and “soccer speed” needs to be gauged differently. 

In the game of soccer, it is necessary for an athlete to be proficient at starting, accelerating, and cutting for 15 to 25 yards, but also stopping at high speeds as a player approaches the ball or an opponent.

5-10-5 AgilityThe Pro Agility Test (also known as the 5-10-5 or 20-yard Shuttle) is used at Champion’s QUEST to assess an athlete’s speed, agility, and ability to change directions. The Pro Agility Test assess all of these characteristics as well as power in small areas and body control. It can also be used as a tool to identify any imbalances that an athlete might have with one side of the body being more dominant than the other. Any significant imbalance can put a soccer athlete at an increased risk for injury.

Every quarter, we re-test and evaluate our Champion’s QUEST academy athletes to see their progressions and also determine if any changes need to be made to their current training program. Our athletes also review and set their goals for the upcoming months and formulate new game plans to help them reach those goals.Makayla Champion 1


Athlete Spotlight:

  • Makayla Romo, 9-year old soccer player
  • 5-10-5 Agility Test: 2/3/15: 6.95s (Left) 1/11/16: 6.02s (Left)
  • Almost 1 second off her 5-10-5 Agility Test
  • Champion For Life since February 2015

Click here to watch a video on simple agility drills your athlete can be doing on their own.

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Coach Kyle Ertel, Soccer Performance Coach, CSCS USA-W       562-598-2600



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