Inui Siblings have a Bright Future

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There have many different siblings that have came into our facility that want to work on increasing their speed, strength and power. We have a brother and sister combination that not only are focused on improving their athleticism, they also have a solid path in their education with being students of The Newcomb Academy in Long Beach. Both Thalia and Matt Inui are dedicated athletes and are willing to do everything that is needed in order to improve their athleticism. Along with sports they each also give their time to learn and enjoy playing the piano and the violin. The oldest, Thalia not only competes in archery and swimming, she also does brand modeling and is involved with a running club. She is very committed to her goals and a strong motivator for her younger brother in everything that he does as well. They show so much love and encouragement towards each in every aspect of their growing and learning in life. Along with learning music, Matt is also involved with playing Soccer for the AYSO in Cypress and is part of the Long Beach Japanese Language School.

They have been in our program for the past nine months and they both have shown a great 20160128_150334-1deal of improvement with not only their athleticism but also their maturity towards their training. When they started back in April 2015, they both needed to increase their speed, strength and power. During this time it has been a pleasure to see them grow into having a more athletic base for their age. This month we just finished with their Winter quarterly testing and they both had some of the biggest increases in performance that our facility has seen. Matt was able to increase his evaluation performance score from an initial score of 1.5 up to a 17.7, which is rated on a 100 point max scale. There is still more room for improvement in his performance and he is dedicated to working on increasing his athleticism in all areas. He continues to work on improving his speed and his Soccer skills with the ball while at Champion’s QUEST.

inuiHis older sister, Thalia has also made some great improvements in her athletic performance during her time in our program. She had some big gains in her strength and has been able to translate these improvements to her runs and with her shot with her bow. Thalia has a strong passion for becoming a better athlete and increasing her knowledge to pursue a strong career in life. She be ready for any high school program that is looking for an athlete who is motivated to her studies, athletics and has a talent to play the piano and violin. With her quarterly testing she was able to improve her evaluation performance score from a 5.5 up to a 29.7 and one her biggest improvements came with doing 2.5 pull-ups form only being able to get a half a pull-up at her initial evaluation.

It has been a pleasure watching how these two siblings push and motivate each other in our facility. They have a strong passion for their sports and will be very successful in every avenue they plan to travel in life along with having a strong talent for music. Being able to continue to helping them grow in athletics and a strong presence to guide them in their athletic future is something that is of great joy to me and a privilege.

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Article by,

Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1


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