3 Specific Needs for Speed: Part 2-Maximal Velocity

Last month ACCELERATION was discussed. This month the second component of speed is: MAXIMAL VELOCITY. Maximal velocity is the fastest speed a soccer player can achieve. Soccer players can obtain their top speed at approximately 20-30 yards. Maximal speed training assists in the overall athletic development of a soccer player’s speed and prepares soccer players for scenarios in which they are able to attain near-maximal velocity.


Champion’s QUEST athlete Maddy Deal sprinting for the ball.


Three mechanics to focus on for maximal velocity for soccer players are:
1. Pelvic posture
2. Proper arm movement
3. Dorsi-flexion

A soccer player must learn to sprint with a neutral to slight posterior pelvic tilt to allow for a balance in the front and back of the body to minimize braking forces.

Pelvic posture is bringing the “hips up” or “tucked hips” under the body so the glutes are not out when sprinting.

The foundation of running and the power source of the body is the core. Proper position of the core will allow for the correct pelvic posture to allow for a better transfer of energy while sprinting.

Soccer Speed

Champion’s QUEST alumni Mikaela Malsy in action.

The biggest running form error in soccer players is poor arm technique.

There is a lack of range of motion and lateral movement of the arms. Proper arm technique is swinging from the shoulder with the elbow joint locked at 90 degrees. Having a proper arm technique will help propel the body forward in a fluid motion.

Dorsi-flexion of the foot is pulling your toes up toward your shin.

By keeping a soccer player’s foot in this position, it minimizes the time the foot stays on the ground. The dorsi-flexion allows for more force production and transition into the next step to propel the body forward. In the Champion’s QUEST speed clinics, the program is dedicated to increasing Speed in Acceleration, Maximal Velocity, and Speed Endurance.

Check back next month for Part 3: Speed Endurance

Coach Angela


Contact Coach Angela Garcia to do a speed clinic or for soccer specific speed training

Soccer@ChampionsQUEST.com  562-598-2600


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