Soccer Parent Testimonial: Diep Family

“My family loves coming to Champion’s QUEST! The kids enjoy the environment and we have seen them make big improvements since starting. My son Andrew now has increased motivation to do better in his sports and improved running form and mechanics. My daughter Persephone loves coming and we have seen an improvement in her speed and strength, especially in her lower body. Sherry has gotten a lot stronger and has shown more confidence since beginning training at Champion’s QUEST. She also has shown more speed and gets tired less during her games. Our youngest daughter Emily is playing awesome! She has gained power and speed and enjoys the challenge of working out with the older kids.” –Sam and Lydia Diep

Diep Family

The Diep family has been making Champion’s QUEST their home for training since June 2015. All the kids play club soccer for Total Football Academy-Los Angeles.

Andrew has been focusing on the Speed clinics at Champion’s QUEST to work on his running form, especially in his arms. Persephone has been coming to Strength, Speed, and Soccer clinics to improve her athleticism and also her soccer skills. Sherry and Emily have been attending our BASE clinics to work on their strength and speed.

Click here for Academy Performance clinic schedule.

Keep up all the hard work Diep family! Champion’s QUEST loves having you a part of our Soccer Academy.



Coach Kyle, Soccer Performance Coach  (562) 598-2600

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