Success Story: Ryan Burge

Today I would like to recognize a young baseball player by the name of Ryan Burge. Ryan has been with Champion’s QUEST for 6 months now and has seen some marked improvement. He has worked extremely hard since the first day I worked with him, and I certainly see his hunger and commitment to improve.Ryan Burge

On the Baseball side, Ryan has been working hard on both his swing and arm strength, both of which have improved tremendously. The biggest improvement in his swing that I have seen is his ability to make quick adjustments. This is not easy given the fact that he is also a very talented golfer. Usually, it is extremely difficult to separate the movement patterns, but consistent repetition has allowed Ryan to gain the muscle memory, and spatial awareness to separate the two unique swings.

As an athlete, Ryan has seen huge improvement across the board in every category. His two best categories of improvement are exemplified in upper body strength and speed. On day 1 of training at Champion’s QUEST Ryan completed 33 pushups in 1 minute. With the same testing parameters, he most recently re-tested at 80 pushups! Secondly, since Ryan has been with us, he has decreased his 10 yard dash time by over .35 seconds, which is quite substantial. This is a testament to Ryan, his focus, and work ethic every time he steps foot in the facility.

I am very excited to see what the future has in store for Ryan as he continues to develop and mature as an athlete, ballplayer, and young man.

Coach Kyle Richter, CSCS, USA-W, TPI


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