DSC09107Official visits happen during the Senior year of high school when a college coach has invited the student-athlete to visit the college campus. The college pays for the entire “official visit” including cost of: travel (flight or mileage,) lodging, and per diem expenses that may include food.

For Division I schools (like USC and UCLA), a student-athlete may only go on 5 Official Visits. For Division II, III and NAIA schools, a student-athlete may attend an unlimited amount of Official Visits.

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In today’s recruiting journey, a majority of student-athletes go on average of 1-2 official visits because most students have “verbally committed” to play at a specific college before their Senior year. For some sports, like Football, Basketball, and Baseball: students may use up to their 5 Official visits.


DSC09116“Unofficial visits” are for student-athletes that are invited to visit the school prior to their Senior year. These visits typically mean the college is interested in the student-athlete and it’s a great way for the student to see if they like the college and the program.

Student-Athletes can take an unlimited amount of “unofficial visits” and must pay for their own travel, lodging, food, etc.

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Since unofficial visits can happen anytime during a student-athlete’s high school career, student-athletes tend to go to a high amount of them – Meeting with coaches, taking campus tours, and sometimes even watching a practice or game.

Remember unofficial visits do not have a cost for the college so coaches may encourage or invite the visits to more student-athletes.


ChampionsQuestCollegeRecruitingAs your student-athlete makes their list of prospective colleges, map out the colleges and a timeline for making a visit.

Contact the coaches to express your interest in their athletic program and your strengths that you can bring to their program. As email/phone communication increases, let the coach know that you would like to visit/tour the campus and meet the coach in person to discuss the athletic program.

Most coaches are willing to meet with you during your visit, provided they are on campus. If a coach is very interested in you, they will often tour the campus with you.

Have a list of questions ready to ask the coach about the college, athletic program, dorms, student lifestyle, and studies.

Unofficial and Official Visits should provide a lot of information and help you with deciding if that particular college is a great fit for you.

Brittany GonzalesCoach Brittany Gonzales

Soccer Academy Director & College Recruiter




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