Success Story: Joseph Palombi

“Living the Balanced Life of A Champion”

To be a successful student-athlete today you must have the ability to balance 3 key facets of life: athletics, academics and community service. Balance is important because it provides perspective, focus and enjoyment. This gives the athlete the foundation for setting priorities and thus, allows the athlete to make sound choices on and off the field of life. There is a young man that exhibits this unique quality of balance, he is Champion’s  Quest’s very own, and his name is Joseph Palombi.Print

Joseph is a 15 years old sophomore at St. John Bosco who plays football and rugby. He is an outstanding student-athlete and has been at Champion’s Quest a few short weeks. Joseph has made a tremendous impression on me, our coaching staff and our younger athletes. He has shown what it takes to not only become a standout athlete, but an even better young man. When he arrives at Champion’s Quest, he does so with his athletic bag, books,  a smile and a resounding hello. He knows it’s time to get it done.  Joseph continues to show balance by displaying respect to his coaches by listening, working hard in his speed drills and simply getting along with teammates at Champion’s Quest.

find-balance-in-life-quote-11Joseph enters our dream lab with a purpose to become the best. Champion’s Quest is more than a place to train, but rather a place to dream, and dream big. Joseph touches the “C” on our Focus Board to Challenge Himself after a day of tough classes, hard practices and the daily lecture from “Pops” Palombi, oh excuse me, “words of wisdom” about being the best.  Joseph embraces the challenge and pursues his quest in becoming a champion. Review Joseph’s accomplishments below and you will see why balance is the key for the life of a Champion:

Current: 3.45 GPA
St. John Bosco Honor Roll – Winter 2014/Spring 2015
St John Bosco Executive Board Member, Class Senator – 2015 to 2016
Member of the Society of Torch and Laurel – Inducted in July 2015
Member of the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists – Attended Congressional Symposium in Boston, MA in June 2015
Vice President, St. Hilary School – 2013/2014
Student of the Year, St. Hilary School – 2013/2014

Cy Young Award Winner, St John Bosco Freshman Baseball – 2015
St John Bosco Football – 2014 and 2015
Pico Rivera Dons Football, Defensive Lineman of the Year – 2011
Pico Rivera Dons Football, Scholastic Award Winner – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011
Oakley Stingrays Travel Baseball, MVP 2011

Pico Rivera Holiday Gift Baskets Volunteer – 2014/2015
Pico Rivera Summer Lunch Program Volunteer – 2014

As you can see, Joseph excels in every facet of a student-athlete’s life: athletics, academics and community service.  Joseph balances his life based on what is important, what he values and his quest of being the best.  I encourage all student-athletes to take a close look at Joseph’s journey to become a champion.  Joseph embodies the essence of the Champion’s Quest Athlete Academy and we our proud of his accomplishments on and off the field. Joseph’s future is bright, exciting and most all balanced for greatness.  Congratulations Joseph and keep making your dreams real!!

“Keep Living Like A Champion”

Coach Reggie Ward


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