Soccer Success Story: Diego Galvan

PhotoGrid_1450131013450Diego Galvan walked through the doors of Champion’s QUEST at the age of 11 years old in March of 2014 with a career goal to becomPhotoGrid_1450131013450e a professional soccer player. In order to achieve his career goal, Diego knew he needed to increase his athleticism. His athletic goals were to increase his upper body strength, increase his acceleration, and increase his power.

Diego currently plays soccer for BU13 Total Futbol Academy (TFA)- S.E.LA. Diego’s commitment demonstrates his priorities to his goal. Outside of his normal soccer practices, Diego is at Champion’s QUEST doing extra training. He currently attends the Winter High School Prep Soccer Clinic. The clinic focuses on soccer specific strength and movements along with ball skills. Outside of the clinic, he comes in on his own to utilize the myCQ app, a downloaded phone app that athletes use at Champion’s QUEST to workout in the gym or anywhere to gain that extra edge.

Diego Galvan2

His commitment to his training has been reflected in the recent making of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) Winter Pool. Eighteen players will be selected to represent Cal South in the US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships tournament that will be played from January 6-10, 2016 in Phoenix.
Keep up the hard work Diego! We are so proud of you!LosAlamitosPlayItAgainSports
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Coach Angela


Coach Angela Garcia, Soccer Assistant Coach






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