Soccer Success Story: Devyn Yuhashi

Devyn Yuhashi is a 15-year old soccer player who makes Champion’s QUEST her home for training. Devyn plays midfield and goalkeeper for her club team, Greater Long Beach Surf and attends Ernest McBride high school. Since McBride doesn’t offer athletics to their students, Devyn is 100008739_largegoing to be using this Winter season to bump up her training at Champion’s QUEST and make significant strides in her athleticism.

Devyn has been training at Champion’s QUEST since July and has been attending strength and speed clinics. In just 3 months, Devyn has made huge improvements in her speed, agility, and overall strength!

Perormance Tests 7/22/15 (Initial) 10/23/15
Linear Agility 13.22s 8.61s
Lateral Agility 13.94s 9.38s
Single Leg Agility 7.62s 4.72s
5-10-5 Change of Direction 5.65s 5.19s
10 Yard Sprint 2.09s 1.80s
Plank Hold 1.00 min 2.32 min
Pull Ups 0.5 1.25
Overall Athleticism 7.7 21.4 (178% Improvement)

Devyn is also interested in attending college to receive her Bachelor’s degree in engineering. Keep up all the hard work Devyn!


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