“A Tribute to the Champion’s Quest Family”

Many times we look for success in ourselves, but in most cases we should appreciate those who make it possible for us to achieve success. The family is the foundation of every athletes’ success and all athletes should embrace the essence of F.A.M.I.L.Y. Therefore, I want to recognize all of our Champion Quest Families for their unparalled commitment to excellence. I would like to personally thank the Wilkins and Caracoza family for their support.

These families are devoted to their children,committed to their success and are always appreciative of the efforts of myself and the entire Champion’s Quest staff. These values are seen in the results of their children. Both Chris and Ryan attend classes regularly and have achieved over +200% growth on their performance scores after only 10 weeks. Now, let’s take a closer look at the true meaning of F.A.M.I.L.Y and how it builds the Champion on and off the field.

The “F” stands for Faithful because the family instills hope and belief through spending time with their children. For example, I would like to recognize the Mom’s who do a masterful job in balancing family,sports,school and social life. I have seen Mom’s do wonders with time while at Champion’s Quest.

The “A” stands for Attentive because the family is always taking care of their children’s needs at games,being a coach or even being in charge of the school bake sale to raise money for the children. For example,scheduling piano lesssons,driving to soccer practices,making dinner for three chlidren,getting homework done and yes,making sure our Champion Quest athletes make it to their 5:00pm Speed Clinic -“ Wow, and that is all in 1-day”

The “M” stands for Memories because these are created at a very young age at sporting events,taking team photos,videos,birthdays between practices and holidays. The “I” stands for Inspiration because all athletes need a push,a kind word and encouragement to succeed,especially during tough times. This may very well come from a Grandmother, a Sister, a Brother or even the Aunt that shows up to games every Saturday to cheer the athlete on to victory.

The” L” stands for Love because every family shows this in their own unique way. For example,this may be expressed by a smile,a hug,a look or even a gesture by a family member. Love is an athletes most powerful tool in succeeding in the sporting arena and in life. It simply keeps them moving toward their goals,dreams and desires in life. The “Y” stands for You because ultimately it is up to the athlete to embrace the teachings of the F.A.M.I.L.Y, combine them with the Champion’s Quest training and thus, become the athlete they want to become.

This is a written testimony to say thank you to all of the past and present Champion’s Quest families. Our families are so devoted, so committed and most importantly, embody the true meaning of F.A.M.I.L.Y. As a result, there is no question that the Champion’s Quest families are the true foundation of success of our athletes !!!

“Keep Living Like Champions”

Coach Reggie Ward


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