Success Story: The Collins Brothers

For the past five years we have had many athletes come into our facility and gain the athletic ability they have wanted to get but there are only a few athletes that have the commitment to endure through the ought times and continue to strive to get best out of everything in life. We have a pair of brothers that have been committed to not only reaching goals but continuing to gain more out of there bodies. The Collins brothers, Max and Ethan have both been a part of the our program here at Champion’s QUEST and developed into athletes that are able to push through difficult times and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They both have sustained sidelining injuries that have put a dent into their youth athletic career but have had the mental strength to continue with their training in our program and are now back into earning success on the field.

_-2015 MB PHOTO.jpgThe older sibling Max, is a freshman at Los Alamitos HS and a member of the Los Alamitos Marching Band which will be competing for the Western Band Association 4A-5A Class Championships this coming weekend up in Fresno, California. The marching band has been on top of their peers for the past few years and are in on the right path to win a State title. Max is not only a talented musician but his has a need for speed. The coming Spring he will be a member of the Los Al Track & Field team running the hurdles. It will be his first year running hurdles and he was noticed by the head coach during their summer camp. We have worked on his accelerative and top end speeds so I know that with just some technique work over the hurdles Max can be a freshman threat for the Los Al Track team program.

As for his younger sibling Ethan, he’s been raking up timgres.jpghe strikeouts and hits over at Los Al Youth Baseball for a little longer than they have both been in our program. Ethan has instinctive reactions and tendencies that a true Baseball player and he continues learn more through his path on to greatness on the field. This has helped his LAYB team in July of 2012 earn a Super-Regionals Pinto-A All Star Team Section title by taking out East Long Beach and Pacific Palisades during the weekend event. The highlight of their season was capturing the Southern California West Region Section Championship banner that year. In the following year helped the Mustang 9-year-old All-Star team were the Champions of the AAU Wood Bat Classic Tournament in San Clemente over the Fourth of July weekend. This past year he has been battling a chronic knee injury where he has been receiving  Physical Therapy for and has somewhat limited his running mechanics and compromimages.jpgised his speed. We have slowing been able to get his speed back to pre-injury status and will continue to help Ethan gain more power and strength to get him back in to the speed he had before that injury. Ethan is a true Baseball fanatic and is extremely educated in the sport so when he this 12 year old reaches the high school age in a couple years, Los Alamitos HS will be very fortunate and blessed to of have an athlete like Ethan for their baseball program to help them gain a CIF Championship.

Both of these brothers have skills that will help perform at an elite level and we will continue to help develop them to become more athletic and mentally driven to move past high school and into the collegiate level in their respective disciplines. They both have been very much dedicated to their sport and training which will lead them both in to success at all levels in and out of athletics.

Go Griffins!

Article by: Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF – L1


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