Success Story: Jakob Friedman

100008785_largeThis summer we had many athletes come in to our facility to improve their athletic ability. One athlete that stood out is a 6th grader by the name of Jakob Friedman who has an interest in playing a competitive sport. He has been working hard every week to help his ability to get to a point so that he can become a member of a team. When Jakob started our program he had somewhat of a fear look in his eyes. Since then he has been taking Strength and Speed clinics every week and I have seen him grow into his shoes with a strong sense of confidence. friedman

In just these past two months Jakob has been able to not only gain confidence but also become more efficient with his movements and increased his strength. He gained big increases with his upper body endurance strength and lower explosive power. From my 10+ years as an Athlete Performance Coach I have seen many athletes increase their overall performance in the first three months of their time with us and I feel that Jakob continuing the program he will have a good opportunity to make a a team and be a strong player on that team. From all of his gains from our program I know that he will find a team for the Basketball season and have a chance to display his talent!

Written By: Coach Derrick Campbell, USTF-L1


One thought on “Success Story: Jakob Friedman

  1. Stuart Friedman October 24, 2015 at 3:18 pm Reply

    We are grateful to you coach and the team at Champions Quest. You are all gifts, thank you for creating possibility. With gratitude, Stuart Friedan, Jakob’s father…

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