Football Success Story

“My son Ryan is 9 years old,plays quarterback and has been with Champion’s Quest for only 7 weeks.  In that short time, his football IQ has increased,accuracy has improved and his love the the game continues to grow.  Ryan features these talents every week at  the Friday Night Youth Football League in Huntington Beach.” -Trina Caracoza

Ryan’s leadership has gotten his team off to a great start of the season. In his first four games of the season Ryan has thrown 7 touchdown passes with 0 picks. On defense, he is a strong flag puller and rarely misses tackles.  As a result of great team chemistry,hard work and commitment to success the Oklahoma State Cowboys are an impressive 4-0. He is in the Academy training hard every week and is really starting to become a student of his body!

Congratulations Ryan and Keep Playing Like A Champion.

Coach Reggie Ward, Football Academy Director


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One thought on “Football Success Story

  1. Ralph Caracoza October 11, 2015 at 5:50 am Reply

    I’ve seen improvement with easy new season…but the last couple of years. ..I’ve seen such a rapid improvement. ..but what’s even more impressive is his academic achievements…as was his father, he is a great he is anot academic athlete….but so was his mother. Please keep me posted on his progress.

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