Success Story: Haley Heroux

With most Fall athletes getting ready for their season through team practices and training. We at Champion’s QUEST have been getting athletes ready for the season all year long. There are many athletes that compete at a higher level of competition and we gear our training to help them meet every goal they set. We have a Freshman Cross Country runner from Cypress High School that has already made an impact to the team. When Haley Heroux came to our facility with her parents last year in November she new that her strength needed to improve in order to become a force on the high school team. Since then Haley H.Herouxhas been dedicated to the training we have provided for our athletes and has developed into a very strong minded young woman. There have been many athletes in our program that have taken more than a year to reach their true potential. With Haley she has been very focused and driven to meet every mark that she set this year. Early this year she struggled with breathing technique while running but she has been able gain control of it with breathing exercises that helped her relax while she’s running.

In April of this year we run together in the Annual Seal Beach Run and during the run I noticed that she had trouble with her kick for the last 200-300 yards. Even though her kick was not a full stride she was able to drop her time to a mid 24 minutes which was her personal record for a 5k run. In July, she had lost some of her speed at the Cypress 5k Run due to a week vacation with no running to keep her cardio and milage up. Since then she has been able to recover and drop her two mile time to a low 14 minute at the Mount SAC Run just a few weeks ago. Haley was the fastest girl on her freshman team and was able to finish in the top twenty for race. As most runners know, the Mount SAC runs are among the hardest courses for distance runners. With Haley being able to come back to improve her time at that race shows how working hard to reach your goals pays off. The Cross Country season has just started and Haley has already made an impact to her high school team and she will continue too. She wants to be able to run Varsity before her junior year and I believe with continued training and focus she can have a strong impact on her Varsity team. I wish her good luck this season and will continue to guide her in a direction to reach her goals.

Go Centurions!!!

Article by: Coach Derrick Campbell, USATF-L1


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