Healthy Diet for all of Americans

Now that school is back in the swing of things we at Champion’s QUEST would like to provide our community with a source of where to go for information on having a healthy diet. This month we are having our Nutrition month and we always refer to for information we give our athletes and parents. The web site offers tons of information for all ages provided by the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) as a reference with all of their information. The two primary objectives for the CNPP is to advance and  promote dietary guidance for all Americans and to conduct applied research and analyses in nutrition and consumer economics.Choose-My-Plate

As you browse through the web site, you will notice that they have made it very easy to use and look through weather you are advanced o a novice with your web browsing skills. There is a place where you can subscribe to their email list for more information directly from them. The site is very easy to read and has plenty of information in many different areas that are related to healthy eating. There are even games, activity sheets, videos and more for the youth to get them interested in eating healthy. For teens, there are tips on smart eating for both girls and boys, give them advice on how to take control over their eating habits and for college students, they provide MyPlate advice for on campus, recipes, resources and social media tools.

They provide a source on understanding what MyPlate is and information on fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy and oils. There are tips from eating on a budget, recipes & menus all the way up to food safety. They have a list of interactive tools that you can use with any portable device that can help you with plan, analyze and track your diet and physical activity. The tools can help you find what and how much you should eat, weight management, virtual coaching, journaling and personalized goal setting. There are food menus & guidelines, daily food plans, BMI calculator, portion distortion, pre-schooler growth charts, pregnancy weight gain calculator and quizzes to help you learn more.

They have tips from guidelines on physical activity as in what it consist of, why it is important, how much is needed for your age group, how many calories physical activity uses (burns) and tips to increase your physical activity. If you need information on weight management, they have suggestions on what to eat and drink, how many calories you need a day, links to how much calories are in foods and drinks you consume and defines what empty calories are for you where they come from. If you need more information on any topic related to food intake, they have over 30 articles that you can download that range from weight management, calories, physical activity, meal planning, shopping & budget, meals & snacks, fats and oils.

As you browse through the web site you can read up and take notes on information, also learn more about healthy eating or budgeting your shopping chart. There is plenty of useful resources that are linked to most of the pages and continue to provide helpful tools and suggestions on good eating habits. Every question that you may have about healthy eating is at so make sure that you can use the information provided. Lets eat healthy and live long America!

Article by Coach Derrick Campbell USAFT-L1


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