Football Success Story- Trent Smith

100006391_largeYouth Athlete Trent Smith is an 11 year old football player with the dream of being great. When I first saw Trent I had no expectations of what this kid could do.  I had soon come to know Trent as a cheerful, hard-working athlete with a desire to learn more about the sport he enjoys playing so much. For all his enthusiasm, Trent lacked the athleticism to compete at a high level. Since my time working with him, his ability to make plays have improved drastically! 

Not only has his physical numbers improved but his mental understanding of his responsibilities on the football field and his confidence to perform his duties for his team reliably have risen to an all time high. In conversation with Trent’s father Ron, he told me his son is, “finally understanding how to use his athleticism on the field”.  He continued to talk about how they would seldom throw him the ball, and now he’s taking short gains and extending them into big plays and is a key component in his team’s offense. 

Not only has his big play potential shot through the roof, but his overall confidence has extended into trying new things. Although football is his passion, he finds himself able to compete in other sports like basketball where his father says even though it is not his favorite sport, he enjoys competing with the other kids his age on the court. 

Trent’s transformation can be directly attributed to his willingness to be coached and the science based training he receives while in the facility here at Champion’s Quest. Throughout his improvement, Trent understands that continuing the development of his skills is imperative in order to continue to compete at a high level. His tenacity to work hard and dedication to accomplishing his goals has created a monster intent on destroying mediocrity in the pursuit of greatness.

Coach Chris Leachman

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