Baseball Success Story – Grant Atwood

GrantGrant Atwood is one of the most intuitive, respectful, and hardest working 10 year olds you will ever meet. Grant always comes to CQ ready to work hard and achieve his goals while pushing others around him to do the same. He joined the many others on their QUEST to become Champions 1 year ago, willing to train twice a week on both baseball skills and his athletic ability, improving immensely in both areas. Grant’s goals have been pretty straightforward; on the field he has wanted to make All-Stars, throw more base runners out as a catcher, and hit a home run while also wanting to improve his speed and strength. Grant has impressed all the coaches with his dedication towards his goals and constant effort to reach them.

Because of Grant’s hard work and determination it is hard to choose the area in which he has improved the most: his speed, strength, and agility have all improved vastly. OnScreen shot 2015-05-11 at 12.22.08 PM the field, Grant’s swing looks much more compact and powerful while behind the dish he has become much more agile.  His biggest testing improvements have been in his upper body strength, lower body stability, and agility. Grant has gone from 4 push ups to 35 push ups, from a little over 1 minute plank hold to a 4 minute hold, and his agility scores have all dropped by multiple seconds.

I know Grant has big things ahead of him in the future and I can’t wait to see where his path leads. With a long term goal of playing in the MLB, Grant has his eyes on the prize and foot on the gas pedal. It’s always great to hear about Grant’s accomplishments Grant5Kaway from the baseball field like bridging over to Boy Scouts, running his first 5k, and taking up swimming as well as seeing his improvements on the baseball field first hand. I always look forward to Grant’s constant quest for knowledge about his swing and the game of baseball as well as our conversations about how to fix the Angels. Keep up the hard work Grant, all of us at CQ are excited to see what your future holds!

Coach Logan


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