Soccer Success Story – Robert Goward

Robert1Most Champion’s QUEST success stories happen months or years into training, this one comes sooner… Robert Goward has been working on his speed, agility, and strength for the past 3 months. Robert’s goals when he started his training were: increase speed, increase strength, and improve his nutritional habits. For a 10 year old, Robert’s goals were straight forward, thoughtful, and mature in recognizing that increasing your athleticism goes hand in hand with the foods you place into your body.

Robert’s ultimate athletic goal for soccer is to play at the varsity level in high school. As a 5th grader, he has a ways to go but he is well on his path to achieving his goal. Robert recently had his first re-evaluation and his scores proved that his hard work and consistency in his training is already paying off. Robert's Scores

Robert SquatIn the next couple weeks, Robert is taking another step forward in his soccer journey by joining a club team and competing in the Coast Soccer League this Fall. With his recent rise in confidence and his improved athleticism, this new club team will be a great fit for Robert as he continues to push himself athletically in the gym and on the soccer field. All the coaches here at Champion’s QUEST are very proud of his success so far and are looking forward to seeing more growth from Robert this year.

-Coach Brittany Gonzales, CSCS, FMS, USA-W, USSF


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