Kylie Heiman: Success Story

Kylie Heiman is a 14 year old soccer player here at Champion’s Quest. She has been with us since December of 2014. She came here in December looking to improve her Strength and Endurance on the Soccer field. She plays for Greater Long Beach and has recently been moved into the Midfield role. In her short time here she has primarily been doing the soccer and speed clinics.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.55.22 PM

Since starting here, Kylie has pushed herself and the results have shown how dedicated she is. Her linear foot speed has increased more then a second and her lateral footspeed has increased by more then 2 seconds. She also went from a 1.88s in her 10 yard dash to a 1.70s. Finally, her plank time doubled from a 1:04 to a 2:08. Overall, her total overall athletic score nearly doubled as it increased from a 12.6 to a 24.8 points. In the clinics she has looked more comfortable and is growing into her body.

Kylie’s hard work and work ethic is finally just beginning to pay off. She has a lot of big things ahead of her including High School but I know she will excel at all of them. Good job Kylie and keep up the good work!

– Coach Eric



One thought on “Kylie Heiman: Success Story

  1. Tracey Heiman May 2, 2015 at 5:13 pm Reply

    Kylie was so excited about being recognized! She is very motivated by the article and is proud of her improvement on the evaluations. She really wanted to thank Coach Eric for taking the time to write it and she is dedicated to continuing her training with all of her talented and insightful coaches at Champions Quest. You all do so much to give her feedback and guidance in her journey to becoming the best she can be. Things like traveling to watch/video her during a soccer game, as Coach Brittany did, have a huge impact on her performance and drive to improve. Kylie loves her experience at CQ, and I am so glad we signed her up! Thanks for all you do!

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